Friday, June 15, 2012

My To Do's: Stroller Research & Ali's Wedding Events

Happy Friday! 

Today I went to BuyBuyBaby to test drive some strollers. Owning a stroller has been a secret obsession that I've had for a while now. Okay, I wouldn't say {obsession}...but I would say that for the last 3 years or so I always catch myself looking at which strollers mothers have and how they all looked so different. You have the huge looking ones that look like tanks, the mini-light weight ones that look like they're for my 7lb dog, Cooper, then you have the jogging strollers (I love these), and the list goes on and on. Now, I have always been told to buy the B-O-B stroller and that's it. So I just thought I would talk to some mothers that I knew and to read some reviews. Turns out, our neighbors upstairs have a baby girl and totally sold Mark on the Britax strollers and Britax Chaperone car seat. So when I texted Mark earlier that I was off to test drive strollers  today, he called immediately and told me to make sure and look at his beloved Britax stroller and car seat.  I must say, this Britax car seat (the Chaperone) is intense! This one has this bar across the bottom - which many car seats have not added yet-  so in case of being impacted, the baby doesn't flip into the seat because this bar acts as a barrier.

So, as of now, these are the ones we have on our baby that we have switched 3 different times...

stroller and car seat heaven 

I found it! The red Britax Agile Jogger stroller!

Of course my mom finds this $1,000+ stroller equipped with a knitted blanket and pink umbrella ... this this is  very "glam" but not for us. It was fun watching her play with it though. 

Also, I am VERY EXCITED because 1 week from tomorrow is Ali Venezia's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party!!! This picture below is from the 1st night of my bachelorette festivities. Sarah Waldrup, myself, Ali, and Breana will all be together again for Ali's big day and night :) 

I am having a great time planning her bridal shower with her mom and her bachelorette party (well, I am in charge of this one on my own! ;)
Can't wait to see all of them and especially my cute little Bride to be! Love you, Ali !

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