Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe Fisher reporting for duty, Sir!

As you can tell, I don't blog as much as I used to when I started last Fall. But that may change...FSU Football Season is approaching and that means important things are underway! ha

Anyways, I do like to blog when I am excited about something or would like to remember it later on when I look back on these one day. In this blog, I would like to summarize our friendship with Joe Fisher.
Joe Fisher is leaving tomorrow, Tuesday Aug. 16th, 2011, for boot camp! He is joining the US Navy, and  Mark and I are [beyond] proud of him!
Boat ride on the SummerWind down to Miami

Boat ride to Bahia Cabana with Zach, Joe, and Mark

Long story short:
I coined Joe, "my 2nd husband"...even before Mark and I got married I had called him this. Weird? Maybe... but you'll understand in a second.
 The truth is, Joe and I went to high school together, but it wasn't until he was pledging Kappa Sigma that we got to know each other. The first night we actually spoke was at a Kappa Sigma house party. Joe was a pledge and wasn't feeling too well. Mark came over and told me that a fellow St. Thomas Aquinas "Raider" wasn't feeling so hot. (Sorry, Joe but you know this is true!)  I believe Mark was VP at the time, so he was busy and his hands were full. And I guess he thought I would be a little more nurturing to a sick former classmate? So into the bathroom I went to introduce myself! HAHA I doubt Joe even remembers this, but from that night on Joe always looked out for me as well.

From Mark's busy schedule with his years as Kappa Sigma VP and President to graduating and leaving Tallahassee before me; there were plenty of instances where I would often be at a bar with my girlfriends and Joe would see to it that I got home safely. There were also times I needed help lifting heavy things and moving furniture to South Florida in his pick-up truck... Hence, his "2nd husband" nickname and inside joke between Joe, Mark, and I.


After college, we were all back in South Florida together after Mark and I moved back from Chicago. From helping us move into our condo (thank God you helped us, Joe!) ,being a groomsman in our wedding, playing tennis with me on his days off, fishing with Mark, and watching mindless morning TV shows after late nights that he stayed over (yes, Joe has his own room here and expects me to make him breakfast when he stays....I would have no problem saying that he is now equally my friend as he is to Mark.

 He will always be Mark's fraternity brother and they will always have a special bond, but so will Joe and I. :) One of my favorite things about Joe is that  he is always warm and kind to my friends as well.

Joe and Sarah

Ali and Joe

I think that is why he gets along so well with us. We see eye to eye, and are grateful for his loyalty to us. He is one of those great friends that does what he says he is going to do. Recently, he helped Mark and I set up at the Broward Noles Beach Bash. Joe has known that he was leaving for the Navy for some time now, so even though he wasn't looking to join the Seminole Club of Broward County...he still helped us because he knew how much we had worked on it. Without asking him for help, he was there in the morning setting up banners, Mark's massive speaker, and later bringing me beer refills at the table that I was manning :) Joe is a true friend that stands by you through thick and thin, and does things without expecting anything in return.  We are proud to say that he will be representing our country in the Navy.

 I know that Mark and I can always count on Joe, just as he understands that we are always there for him.
We are going to miss him, but wish him nothing but an amazing experience in the US Navy. We are so proud of you, Joe! And honored to call you one of our best friends :) Thanks for always being a true friend to the BOTH of us. We will see you tonight for dinner, Joe!

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. "
-Thomas Aquinas

Friday, July 8, 2011

"You Know You're A Frat Wife If..."

I suppose this post started last night when I posted on twitter, "Had I known sororites were anything like @SororityProblem... I may have agreed to rush..."

Following that tweet, Jacki Roche tweeted back saying, "haha well now you're in the frat wives club...we're pretty much our own sorority :) "

This morning I read that and texted her my first "You know you're a frat wife if..." comment. She then followed suit and that lasted about 4 hrs. So we both thought I'd funny just to post the comments we came up with. If you're a frat girlfriend or fiance, some of these apply to you as well :) Enjoy.

1. You know you're a frat wife have to make multiple UPS trips to send back drunkenly left behind Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Vineyard Vine oxford shirts.

2. You know you're a frat wife go up for a football game, your husband goes missing for a couple hours, returns with his frat brothers and a guilty face, then reveals his new addition to his "frat tatt."

3. You know you're a frat wife if...everytime the song "Thunderstuck" comes on, you immediately man your station at the cooler ready to distribute beers for the whole song.

4. You know you're a [former President's] frat wife go back to their old frat house for game day tailagting and the pledges run up to you and tell you how much they already know about your husband and that they idolize them.

5. You know you're a frat wife if...the EMTs have to make an appearance at your wedding weekend's events to take care of the best man.

6. You know you're a frat wife is totally normal and expected for the frat brothers to sing/scream a chant for the groom (while repeatedily screaming "drink mother f*cker, drink!!!!" at the end of the song) and no one batting an eye.

7. You know you're a frat wife husband is proud of himself when he buys you little gifts to suprise you like: matching koozies, croakies,  boat shoes, or Maui Jim sunglasses.

8. You know you're a frat wife if you have a special place in your kitchen soley to hold all the koozies collected over the years of formals, crushes, weddings, Fall/Spring Rush ect.

9. You know you're a frat wife if...your now "grown up" tailgate begins at 8AM while having a full liquor bar, as well as, planning and preparing a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods for all of game day.

10. You know you're a frat wife if... you look for/ purchase game day attire year round for the upcoming football season.

11. You know you're a frat wife if... you know you will have to strategically plan your pregancy one day so that your child is not born during football season.

12. You know you're a frat wife if...every time your husbands get together they plot over drinks and cigars that one say they will all move the families onto one street with a potential chapter house at the end of it.

13. You know you're a frat wife if...every road trip you take all together requires stopping at whichever Bass Pro is in that town.

So, there they are. I am sure we can think of more - and may add on later with a Volume II. If you can think of any, let us know :)
We love our crazy boys. 

Wedding Day...marrying all of the Kappa Sigma men...

Mrs. Jacki Roche's wedding bouquet adorned with her Kappa Sigma lavalier & Phi Mu necklace.
the Brothers at Jared & Jacki's wedding

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cooper update

I believe that the last time I blogged about Cooper was when we had just adopted things have changed in those few short months! That little boy went from neglected to a spoiled rotten family member. He's also gained 2lbs!

Cooper sleeping on Mark's foot last night holding his baby (a stuffed fox)

Coopie playing hard to get

Outside playtime- he lovesss to run and jump over the other dogs in the neighborhood.

He loves visitors too.

Today, I bought him a new collar at the humane society with an engraved tag

We love our Cooper Currington McGuire! <3
(Mark spoils him too...he buys him toys and treats all the time :)

Christina McGuire

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Sometimes you just need your girlfriends :)

Hi all :) sorry that I haven't been posting much( for those of you who read my little blog.) Nothing is new with me and Mark. He is doing well at work and I am getting ready to start my Masters this fall.
I wanted to post this because I wanted to tell my friends that I love and miss them :) These are a few pictures from a couple weekends ago...
We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like now that we're all spread out in different cities and states. On this weekend, Lauren came down from Gainesville, Michelle from Jacksonville, Gabby from Tallahassee, Rach from West Palm beach, and Lana from West Palm as well (not pictured unfortunately because I didn't get one while she was down). I also have some other VERY MISSED girlfriends in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, IL, NC, NY, GA. that I would have loved to see this weekend as well...(they are pictured below)
I love Mark, but sometimes a girl just needs some quality time with her best girlfriends :)

My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life.
-Lee Iacocca
Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.
-Author Unknown
         Friends are relatives you make for yourself.
- Eustache Deschamps

Here are some other faves of the girlfriends I MISS and LOVE too :)

Last time the "trio" was all together (Disney) & that's when Ali asked me to be her Matron of Honor with her older sister! <3

FSU game days with Kendall, Erika, and Jacki - I finally found girls equally as fsu crazed as me :)

Michelle, Lauren, Meg, Bre, Meredith, Ali, Lana, Kel, Sarah W, and Sarah P :)

Soaking up the sun with Kel in the Bahamas
Kara and Lauren with me on my wedding day
longtime friend, Ashley, on her wedding day!

College wouldn't have been the same without these ladies...Kerri, Sarah and Ali

Thanks for always being great friends ladies. Love you. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Newlywed "issues..."

I was always aware of decorating being an issue for newlyweds...
Bachelor decor and "single" girlie girl nicknacks...trying to figure what stays and what goes after the I Do's.

For us, we had a pretty good idea of each other's taste in home furnishings. In Chicago, our apartment was filled with his furniture and furniture he bought on his own...before I arrived. Mark has good taste, similar to mine :) of course, there will always be things that are found that could replace certain items. For example, we have a tv stand that Mark bought for the Chicago apartment. It's basic, modern, and glass. It's nice but I live for furniture that looks like it has a story. Vintage, antiques, shabby-chic are welcome any day of the week in my opinion. Even better, when I find something that is bought in a consignment- antique's like finding a treasure for me! You search around and find something that screams personality and history.
Now, there will always be dirty and crazy looking items in these places, but that's the beauty in finding a gem in all that rubble.
I have recently found: 4 carved wooden frames (that I painted myself to match our place), 2 wooden boxes beautifully painted with palm trees, 2 thick wooden candle holders for the dining table...and recently- a bamboo table! :)
I was determined and somehow fit it in!

Thinking Mark would absolutely love it -as we both like the old Florida-Cuban tropical look, he was not as excited as I was. He just simply asked where it was supposed to go because nothing was being replaced... :-/
Now, I have a beautiful old bamboo table sitting on the side of the dining room with nowhere to go :( I am determined to make this table work somewhere but if not, I'll sell it I suppose :(

Second issue, forgetting to put your wedding rings back on after a shower!
I think that since the moment I came out of the womb, I had jewelry on. Being a Cuban little girl, my ears were immediately pierced with little diamond studs...a little Mother Mary -or one of the other saints- on my wrist, and maybe even a black stone called an azabache made into a charm on a necklace. (cubans are a bit superstitious and this "azabache" wards off people with negative thoughts toward you.

Commonly worn by babies to protect them.... You get the picture- I've always loved and worn jewelry... The thing is, I usually would wear my usual daily jewelry into the shower with me, sleep with them on, ect.
But when I got my Wedding rings, which consist of the main diamond on the engagement ring along with several smaller diamonds on both rings, women would tell me not to shower with them due to soap build up and such.

So now, I try and remember to take the rings off, place them on a little plate on the counter, and put them back on when I am getting ready. Problem is, when I am in a rush out the door, rings have been left on the little plate. This has happened 3 times already (including today.)
This would not bother me of it were any other piece of jewelry... but now that I am married- it feels like I am committing a mortal sin!!!! I hate it!!! I feel so guilty and all I could do is put another ring (that I had in my purse pocket -which Mark gave me in middle school- on my ring finger so I don't feel half as bad. I also LOVE this ring as it has 3 garnet stones(his birth stone).
I remember on the last occasion that this happened, we were supposed to have dinner with Mark's parents that night. Since I was on the east side of town, I wasn't planning on going home prior to the dinner and made my mom go to our place and bring me my rings (I couldn't leave where I was at the time.)
I couldn't imagine being at dinner with him and my in laws being ring-less !? Even though I know they probably wouldn't have thought twice about it and would have understood...I just
couldn't. Today I had even put on my watch and a bracelet that Mark's aunt gave me that spells: Mark!

So as my rings are at home, I have improvised with the Mark bracelet and impromptu ring on my wedding finger :)

Ugh-I think I'm just going to say forget it and shower with my rings from now on. I'll just stick them in the cleaning solution more often. Problem solved and no more of me feeling like a bad new wife. :)

Christina McGuire

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bringing Home Cooper

 Mr. Cooper McGuire
Our introduction to Cooper with his former owner :)

Last Wednesday night, 2-16-11, our neighbor Sara asked me if Mark and I would be interested in having a dog. Being that Mark had mentioned adopting a dog early in the month, I told Sara that we may be interested. I asked her why, and who the dog was...
She told me that her friend had a year and 3 mo. old "Yorki-Poo," which is a popular crossbreed now...a Yorkshire Terrier mixed with a Poodle. She had purchased this pup for her 16 yr. old daughter who wanted him. Now, 1 year later, the pup was no longer getting the attention he needed from her daughter. The mother said that she wasn't really a dog person and this was a gift for her daughter and her daughter's responsibility... We have all heard this story too many times. It is sad when a pup gets a home and then no longer is wanted.

I asked my friend and neighbor, Sara, to send me a picture and to ask her friend if we could meet the pup if Mark gave me the go ahead. Later that night, Mark came home from playing softball with the Broward Seminole Club...he looked exhausted but I needed to ask him because I had told Sarah I would get back to her immediately (Cooper was on the way to the Humane Society if a home could not be found soon...)

So I did what any good housewife would do when I need a loving husband's answer...I made Mark and amazing steak dinner :)
I set the table with all of our new dishes, new silverware, wine glasses, 2 big marinated steaks, a large fresh flower centerpiece that Mark bought me on Valentine's Day...and then I started my "potential pup story." He didn't answer right I waited...and waited...
He later said, "So this dog...its a "Yorki-what?" haha I knew a "foo foo" breed was not up Mark's alley, but I figured if his temperament was good, we may have a home for this pup.  Above is the picture that I was emailed of Cooper to show Mark. I loved his little face from the second I saw him.

Thursday night came around and the Cooper's owner told my neighbor Sara that she would let me have the dog for the weekend to get to know Cooper. This way, we would get more time to decide and basically fall in love with him.
I brought him home that evening, took a little video of him for my friends to see on facebook and weigh-in on, and waited for Mark to come home...
We had plans on this night to watch our wedding video together, so it worked out perfectly when Cooper cuddled up with Mark for our viewing party.

Cooper and Mark hitting it off :)

So, after we watched our wedding video and had a few glasses of wine, I could tell that Mark was playing with Cooper and this may be a match!
Lucky for me, Mark likes all-big or small- dogs, but he prefers "a dog with a snout." He jokes and tells me that my mom's dogs, which are Shih Tzu pups, are not real dogs because they don't have a snout and their face is pushed in. RUDE! So Cooper is a "real dog" apparently to Mark, haha. Cooper may be a "designer breed" as he is a "Yorkie-Poo" ...but you would look at this dog and just think he's a terrier mutt :) He gets along with everyone (even kids and other dogs) which is great. He is still exploring and getting used to us and our habits. His previous owner, had a doggy door for him so that he could go in and out whenever - so he is now learning: how to go on walks, walk on a leash, eating lots of food & treats! (I am trying to put a couple of more pounds on him since he is pretty thin right now), and all the sounds in his new home now that he lives in a condo (which has a balcony that we keep open a lot... bringing in sounds of birds and other pups playing downstairs.) Overall, Cooper is a adjusting very well, and we are very happy to have a new addition in our little family. We jokingly call him our son, being that it will be a while until we have kids, which leads to Mark treating him extra special :)
I can't wait to introduce him to our friends and extended family! We love our curly little mess, Cooper McGuire.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday's Sun Trust Jazz Brunch

I didn't take any pictures on Sunday...I think I was too busy eating and people watching :) Anyways, Mark and I met up with our friends, Patrick and Annie for the first Sunday of the month's jazz brunch on riverwalk, which is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It is something that has been going on for years and years, but is always the one thing I always forget about. I went when I was a lot younger with my parents and our dog, Joey, and I remember loving it. It is nothing spectacular by any means, but when you have beautiful weather year-round - this is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday with friends. There is a catered Brunch I believe that it set up at the Broward Performing Arts Center across the street for those who would like something set up for them... For us, we wanted to bring our own picnic foods and set up blankets and chairs like most. It is something that you should get there early for because it does fill up...
These are just pictures I found online through the wonderful "Google Images" tab so that you can get a mental image of our Sunday's brunch. :) Hope to see you out there on the next 1st Sunday of the month!

People with their umbrella's- watching the jazz bands

more brunch picnics

some take their boats to get there

 (not on a jazz brunch day...not busy as you can tell)

Some of our brunch items.....mimosas is a brunch MUST :)
love our shrimp!
another brunch must! FRUIT
Our fave: Croissants and Nutella :) YUM

So you get the picture....Anytime I can have an excuse to have a brunch, to see friends, to lay in sun along the waterway, and to do it all in my favorite city- Ft. Lauderdale, FL...the Sun Trust Jazz Brunch is a free & fun way to do it! We will be here more often now. The times that it takes place makes it perfect to head over right after church. The bands play from 10am-2pm - and even if you get there later than 10am like we can still sit around and stay as long as you like.
Hopefully you have already been to this, but if not- we recommend it for your next lazy 1st Sunday of the month. :)
Happy Brunching.