Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday's Sun Trust Jazz Brunch

I didn't take any pictures on Sunday...I think I was too busy eating and people watching :) Anyways, Mark and I met up with our friends, Patrick and Annie for the first Sunday of the month's jazz brunch on riverwalk, which is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It is something that has been going on for years and years, but is always the one thing I always forget about. I went when I was a lot younger with my parents and our dog, Joey, and I remember loving it. It is nothing spectacular by any means, but when you have beautiful weather year-round - this is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday with friends. There is a catered Brunch I believe that it set up at the Broward Performing Arts Center across the street for those who would like something set up for them... For us, we wanted to bring our own picnic foods and set up blankets and chairs like most. It is something that you should get there early for because it does fill up...
These are just pictures I found online through the wonderful "Google Images" tab so that you can get a mental image of our Sunday's brunch. :) Hope to see you out there on the next 1st Sunday of the month!

People with their umbrella's- watching the jazz bands

more brunch picnics

some take their boats to get there

 (not on a jazz brunch day...not busy as you can tell)

Some of our brunch items.....mimosas is a brunch MUST :)
love our shrimp!
another brunch must! FRUIT
Our fave: Croissants and Nutella :) YUM

So you get the picture....Anytime I can have an excuse to have a brunch, to see friends, to lay in sun along the waterway, and to do it all in my favorite city- Ft. Lauderdale, FL...the Sun Trust Jazz Brunch is a free & fun way to do it! We will be here more often now. The times that it takes place makes it perfect to head over right after church. The bands play from 10am-2pm - and even if you get there later than 10am like we can still sit around and stay as long as you like.
Hopefully you have already been to this, but if not- we recommend it for your next lazy 1st Sunday of the month. :)
Happy Brunching.

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