Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mother's Day

Hi there! Here is a little recap of how I spent my Mother's Day...

I woke up to a hot cup of coffee on my nightstand table, a pretty bouquet of pink roses, a huge balloon(that was more for Ava though haha), chocolates, cards from my husband and daughter, and a little note from Ava saying that daddy told her that he was taking me shopping later for a gift...

We headed to church for 9:30 service followed by brunch at my in laws house. They made crepes which were delicious! 

Ava always loves Nana's house. She gets to play with her second set of toys there.

"Mom, that's a fake smile! I can tell...."   (That is what she use to say to me when I was you younger. If my teeth weren't showing and my eyes weren't squinty, it was a "fake smile".
I said her smile was fake because her eyes weren't very squinty and I know her real smile. So I made her do it again....

Mom: "But I'm trying to keep my eyes open so we can see them!" 

Me: imitating my mom 

Mom: okay I'll take my glasses off...
Better :) haha

Ava was busy grocery shopping and stocking up in her kitchen

Kisses for nana

Kisses for daddy ...she conentrates...

Ok, 1 more...

Look who found the dog crate. The family Jack Russell Terrier wasn't crazy about his home being invaded.

Hello!  (or actually, "Heh-woah")

Happy with my little family on my 2nd Mother's Day as a Mommy.

Tongue out time! Goofy girl.

When I got home...I needed a nap! 
(Every mom's real wish for Mother's Day. A Priceless Gift) 

      Ava's gifts to her Nana(Mark's mom) and Nonna (my mom)
Ava and her Nana 

Mark with his mom, Debbie, and brothers: Tommy (13) and Luke (11).

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating the women in your life that you love whether here with us or watching from above. 

It was such a special day for me. I am so grateful to be Ava's mama and even more grateful to have my amazing mother close by so that we can see each other daily. 

How did you all spend yours ? 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sarah + Ray = Married!

Last weekend, Mark and I drove up to Jacksonville, FL for a very special wedding. My best friend, Sarah, and Ray got married! I knew that he was "the one" for her from the very first time that Mark and I met him. Ray is a hilarious, hard working, and genuine guy. I am so happy that my friend has a man that will make her laugh and love her. Here are some pictures I took over the weekend. I didn't take a lot and most aren't that great in terms of quality. I just wanted to be there and enjoy that weekend with her rather than taking a million pictures. I am relying on her photographer for better ones.

Friday night: Rehearsal dinner at Olio 

The "Trio"" men: 
Mark - Ray (the groom) -  Lee (Ali's Husband) 

Sarah (the bride), myself, and our other best friend, Ali, consider ourselves "the trio".
We were inseparable in college and are still very close. Although Ali and Lee live in Chicago and Mark and I live 5 hrs south of Sarah in FL, the 3 of us are still very close. These men basically married into 3 wives :) 

Saturday morning: the bride getting the party started... Fireball shots. 

Spending Saturday morning all together getting ready with the bridesmaids and hair/make up ladies.

Old St. Andrews Church.
Built in 1887 "One of the most satisfying pieces of architecture in the South"

Getting dressed in the Merrill House next door to the church (left) 

Sarah was having a moment to herself before the ceremony started. Sarah made such a beautiful pride. Poised and confident. 

Ali knows me well. Doesn't even give me the bottom to my champagne flute since I won't be putting it down before the ceremony starts. I think I had "sympathy nerves" for the bride. There was a period of time that I was a bit delirious up there and kept laughing. Good times.

The Trio

My and my hub hub enjoying a night of dancing with great friends

I wanted a selfie and he gave me a smooch instead. I love him.

Outside to take some pictures with the beautiful bride.

Mark started crying at the sight Sarah dancing with her father. Ever since we've had Ava, he loses it at this part of weddings...he is on a roll with 3 in a row now.
It is pretty cute actually.
Sarah is the baby of the family and so I am sure this was very emotional for her papa and for Sarah as I could see the tears streaming down her face. 

Ray and his sweet mother, Barbara. Love this duo.

Watching Sarah and Ray that night was awesome. These two were non stop flirting and couldn't stay away from one another. I love watching the candid moments (in a non creepy kind of way!)

Look at her face. hahaha She new the garter toss was coming...

Bouquet tossing.

Our good friends, Kerri & Dan (to the left) , flew down from NYC to be there too! Dan was in my husband's fraternity and the lead singer in their band. We miss seeing them around so much so it was a great night of catching up and getting to finally see them.

There you have it! There was so much more but like I said, I took minimal pictures. 
It was such a great weekend. Sarah, Ray, and their families did a great job of making it beautiful and included a lot of personal touches. Sarah's mama is the "Pinterest Queen" as I call her and so it was sweet getting to see all of the effort put into the details. The groom's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner which was was filled delicious food, emotional speeches, and getting to know the families. 

Thank you, Ray & Sarah, for sharing your special day with us. I was so honored to be your Matron of Honor and stand up on the alter with you and Ray. You both have one, big amazing family now and I know that they share my wishes for the both of you. May you both make each day special for one another and continue to do the things that brought you to this point. We all love the both of you very much.