Monday, March 24, 2014

Charleston, SC: Sarah's Bachelorette Party

On Thursday afternoon, I brought Ava to her Nana's home where she stayed overnight until Mark picked her up the following day after work. 
She had a great time at Nana's house as usual. Ava gets to play with a mini kitchen set, a swing in the backyard, her red little car (above), and ton of toys.
Ava feels right at home whenever she's there. She also gets to play with her two uncles: Tommy & Luke  (Uncle Tommy is also her Godfather.)
***Thank you, Debbie (my mama in law), and the rest of the family who are always excited to get to spend time with Ava which gives me some much needed help in travel times like these. 

So around 4, I got on the road to head up to Jacksonville. There, I would stay at my best friend's house and get on the road the following morning with the best of the bridal party. As Sarah's Matron of Honor, I arranged for all of us to stay in Charleston, SC for that weekend just as she requested. 
We rented this adorable home 10min away from downtown Charleston.  It was a perfect location (and down the road from a Trader Joe's ..WOOHOO!) 

Sarah plays golf (and is really good might I add!) and so she wanted an argyle/golf theme Bachelorette pub crawl. 
Sarah the bride to be is in the center - light green argyle 

We had a great time exploring the charming city of Charleston.
My favorite part was probably our nice dinner at McCrady's. It was a delicious 4 course meal. Their food is extremely fresh, brought in from local farmers, and their presentation is just beautiful.

It was a great time getting to know the rest of Sarah's friends from Jacksonville. I also loved getting to see Ali (left of Bachelorette) who flew in to be there. I miss Sarah and Ali already. It always feels like we are right back at FSU when the 3 of us are together. 
Thanks, ladies for making it a memorable weekend for Sarah! I look forward to seeing you all in 2 weeks for Sarah's bridal shower! 

Then, after we all got into Jacksonville, FL from Charleston, SC (about 4 hrs), I got right back on the road 2 min later and drove the next 4.5 south to get home around 8:30PM. 
My gas station food: non GMO is not impossible - even on the road! ;) 

And today's recovery smoothie:

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 
I had a great time in the very charming city of Charleston with my friends. I cannot wait to go back to that adorable city.  

I am happy to be home in warm south Florida though! 
This morning, Ava and I went for a run around the neighborhood after breakfast and now she is napping while I eat lunch: 
Organic chicken on some organic/nonGMO corn tortilla shells with avocado & lime. And some raw Cauliflower as my side! 

Oh! Last but certainly not least...
Ali didn't let me go back empty handed for Ava. She bought Ava an adorable Vineyard Vines dress. 

How cute ?!? I want it in my size. Thank you, Ali. We love you. See you in May for the wedding :)

And that's it for now...
I can't wait for Mark to get home tonight since last night's catching up on the porch flew by. I feel like I haven't seen him in so long! Miss my hub hub.  

Now, I need to figure out what I am going to make us for dinner... Any ideas ? 



  1. Looks like ya'll had a blast! I love Charleston and the surrounding areas. Isle of Palms is my all time favorite beach! :) You should definately check it out if you are in SC during warmer weather!

    1. Hi Carol :) I would have loved to have seen the beaches while in Charleston. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and stuck to the downtown area. Next time!! :)

  2. So glad yall had a good time! And Ava did too! :) I love that dress for her so you will have to post picturs of her in it! :)

    Love Always,

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Isn't it adorable?! You know I will post pictures of her in it... Can't wait. It is a 2T so she may have to grow into it a little.


  3. This look so fun! I have always wanted to try coconut water!

    1. It is the VERY BEST in hydration. Makes Gatorade look like diet coke. yuck. Hope you try some! This one had some pineapple in it but plain is good too. Get a refrigerated one for freshness. For some it is an acquired taste. I grew up cracking open coconuts from palm trees down here, drinking the water, and then eating the coconut afterwards so I love it. Let me know if you try it, Becky!!! This one is my favorite: the best (raw) and has the nutrition because it is not heated. Sold at Whole Foods (refrigerated)

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