Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ava Turns 4 !

I can't believe that I haven't posted since May! 

I know I say this all the time, but I really need to start remembering to post on here more often. I don't want Facebook to be the only thing I look back on one day to record my memories. They have websites now that can turn your blog into a book! How cool is that?! (note to self: must look into that too) 
It is so hard blogging though! For example, right now as I type this: I have Elle trying to climb onto
the kitchen counter for animal cookies and Ava asking if I can make a necklace for her. It never stops. 

Why not wait to blog until they go to bed at the end of the night? Well, I hang out with my husband then. I suppose now that he's traveling more for work, I can designate his away time for catching up on the blog. Blogging is the last priority on the list and you can tell by how well I update it! ha

Anyways, our first baby turned 4 years old !
I look back on these last four years and don't know where they went. I know every parent probably says that but it is so true. Ava will start Pre K this upcoming Fall 2017. 
With her birthday being November 2nd, she will be one of the oldest kids in her class like I was. 
We aren't sure where she will attend Pre K yet, but Mark and I plan on touring some schools soon.

 I am excited and a little sad for this change in our lives. I am excited for her because I know that she will love making a ton of new friends and thrive in school. I am a little sad because being home with both of my babies is all that I have known for 4 years now. I love having them both with me and watching them grow and play together. Elle is going to miss her big sister during the day but that will also give me some one on one time with her. 
I catch myself all the time thinking, "This is our last: September, October, November... with no schools and no schedules to follow." 
 I am guilty of absolutely loving this. I love NOT having to be anywhere at any specific time. It is totally up to us and our mood on any given day to be somewhere at this stage in the game.  I am going to miss that a lot. I cherish these (exhausting) and sweet years at home with them. 

Anyways... back to Ava's party: 
For Ava's 4th birthday party, we decided to go with Sky Zone trampoline park. (big mistake) 

It was fun but the staff was clueless and Ava's poor uncle Luke broke both of his arms that day. He is doing great and is recovering from surgery now. 
I didn't realize how dangerous trampolines can be!
Aside from that, Ava had a blast so it was a success in her eyes. 

When we first arrived, they didn't have a separate bounce area for our party which I was told prior that there would be. I guess they figured out by may facial expression how I felt about that because one was opened for us. (The place was PACKED and we had small kids in our party). 
 Once they did that, I felt much better. 
They jumped, played, and had a great time. 

Ava loved her Peppa Pig themed cake and party favors. She calls her little sister, Elle, "George" sometimes who is Peppa Pig's little brother in the show. She says it in an English accents which kills me. Cracks me up when I hear her say, "No no, George!" in an English accent to Elle. 
Poor Elle is going to think her name is George soon.

Happy 4th Birthday, beautiful Ava! 
Keep being that sweet, goofy, and funny girl that we love so much.