Friday, July 8, 2011

"You Know You're A Frat Wife If..."

I suppose this post started last night when I posted on twitter, "Had I known sororites were anything like @SororityProblem... I may have agreed to rush..."

Following that tweet, Jacki Roche tweeted back saying, "haha well now you're in the frat wives club...we're pretty much our own sorority :) "

This morning I read that and texted her my first "You know you're a frat wife if..." comment. She then followed suit and that lasted about 4 hrs. So we both thought I'd funny just to post the comments we came up with. If you're a frat girlfriend or fiance, some of these apply to you as well :) Enjoy.

1. You know you're a frat wife have to make multiple UPS trips to send back drunkenly left behind Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Vineyard Vine oxford shirts.

2. You know you're a frat wife go up for a football game, your husband goes missing for a couple hours, returns with his frat brothers and a guilty face, then reveals his new addition to his "frat tatt."

3. You know you're a frat wife if...everytime the song "Thunderstuck" comes on, you immediately man your station at the cooler ready to distribute beers for the whole song.

4. You know you're a [former President's] frat wife go back to their old frat house for game day tailagting and the pledges run up to you and tell you how much they already know about your husband and that they idolize them.

5. You know you're a frat wife if...the EMTs have to make an appearance at your wedding weekend's events to take care of the best man.

6. You know you're a frat wife is totally normal and expected for the frat brothers to sing/scream a chant for the groom (while repeatedily screaming "drink mother f*cker, drink!!!!" at the end of the song) and no one batting an eye.

7. You know you're a frat wife husband is proud of himself when he buys you little gifts to suprise you like: matching koozies, croakies,  boat shoes, or Maui Jim sunglasses.

8. You know you're a frat wife if you have a special place in your kitchen soley to hold all the koozies collected over the years of formals, crushes, weddings, Fall/Spring Rush ect.

9. You know you're a frat wife if...your now "grown up" tailgate begins at 8AM while having a full liquor bar, as well as, planning and preparing a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods for all of game day.

10. You know you're a frat wife if... you look for/ purchase game day attire year round for the upcoming football season.

11. You know you're a frat wife if... you know you will have to strategically plan your pregancy one day so that your child is not born during football season.

12. You know you're a frat wife if...every time your husbands get together they plot over drinks and cigars that one say they will all move the families onto one street with a potential chapter house at the end of it.

13. You know you're a frat wife if...every road trip you take all together requires stopping at whichever Bass Pro is in that town.

So, there they are. I am sure we can think of more - and may add on later with a Volume II. If you can think of any, let us know :)
We love our crazy boys. 

Wedding Day...marrying all of the Kappa Sigma men...

Mrs. Jacki Roche's wedding bouquet adorned with her Kappa Sigma lavalier & Phi Mu necklace.
the Brothers at Jared & Jacki's wedding