Friday, April 26, 2013

Today's Play Date in the Park for Ava, Kelsey, & Carter

Today was such a pretty day out. My fellow mom friend, Kristine, invited Ava and I to meet her and her two kids at the park. 

So we put a blanket down and hung out with our girls while her adorable son, Carter, played in the water area of the playground. 

Such a cute park! I cannot wait until Ava can run around and play with all the things they have there for little ones. 

Here are some shots I took today. 

Ava sharing her favorite pink bunny with Kelsey :) 

Ava is 2 weeks older than Kelsey. Almost 6 months!!!

What a ham, this one! So funny! He would go and fill up his water bucket and come running to dump it on us. Luckily, Kristine has cat like reflexes and caught him every time... Kristine handling those two little ones like a pro is my inspiration. 

Don't you just want to bite those legs!?

Our pretty girls!
Ava has a bib on because she was just eating/is a slobber monster.

You can't tell in these pictures, but Kelsey has the most gorgeous LONG lashes. I can already see jealous girls in her future. 

Such a great day with great people. Kristine was nice enough to introduce me to her other mom friends there. I am sure we will be back and enjoying it even more when the girls are able to sit up by themselves!

Thanks, Kristine! Ava and I had a great time today.

Ava is zonked out napping after her eventful day, and I am going to  relax until she wakes up :) 


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  1. I love how your blog is a journal More so than other blogs I have read!! I have a Kelsey myself so I was definitely attracted to this post!! Ava is simply gorgeous !!!! Make sure hubby has his eyes open when she starts dating!!! :) hope you have a great day! Xoxox


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