Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Hope that everyone had a very Happy Easter with your friends and family. 
The night before Easter we had dinner at Mark's mom and step dad's house. 
It was a pretty entertaining night considering my mother in law discovered that Ava has a tooth! 

The following morning we went to our church, Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church, and attended the family service. We normally attend the 9:30AM  family service because Mark plays the drums for this service and it is held in the school gymnasium  (it is super casual, can you tell?)

 The "super casual" part of it took me a while to get used to once we got married considering I am Catholic and mass is very quiet and traditional. Now that we have a baby it is actually pretty nice to be able to sit back at a table (we get to sit at large round tables with our family and a carafe of hot coffee - score!)  and have plenty of room for the stroller incase she wants to sleep. I also am loving being apart of this church as I really enjoy Pastor Dan's sermons. Pastor Dan married us on the The Floridian Princess and then was at Holy Cross Hospital the following day that Ava was born to meet and bless her. It is such a personal and caring congregation that I am enjoying being apart of it even though I am Catholic. Although there are things that I miss about St. Anthony Catholic Church, it is very important to me that we get to spend every Sunday with our family.

 Also, can you believe it has been a year since we announced that we were having a baby to our family? 

I attached that post below
 click here: We're EGGspecting!!!!    if you want to relive it with me :) 

That was such a fun day...

I regret not taking more pictures of Ava in her Easter dress. (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!) 
It was a beautiful dress that Mark's mom bought her. 

I look forward to next year because Ava will be walking and I get to give her an Easter egg hunt! 

Our 1st Easter as a family is in the books! :) 

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  1. what an adorable blog you have here, Christina!

    so glad you're in for the green smoothie challenge. :) it's going to be fun!!!


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