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{Fitness Friday} Food/ Work Outs/ GMO Overview


Hi! I'm linking up again for the weekly, Fitness Friday, with Mandy at Mommy Musings. 
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Since I posted my very first link up topic on Fitness Friday, I have gotten a few friends ask me about what a GMO is...I'll post that at the bottom of this post. 

This week has been good in terms of food & decent in terms of exercise... 

I have been eating what is called the Paleolithic diet. 
It seems to be the most natural to me. 

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Cutting out dairy is VERY new to me. I considered it after a friend of mine in medical school sent me this Video that makes complete sense to me. He told me that he feels great after taking it out of his diet and so I have to admit, it made me curious. After all,  I am not a calf! So why am I and other  humans the only species that still drink milk after infancy? And from another animal at that!? If you want to watch the video is attached the article (They say the same thing.) 
Click below: 
Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at All Costs or Why Following the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines is Bad for Your Health (VIDEO)

Eggs are a go, but I am now avoiding milk and cheese (this will be tough!) 

Here are some dishes that I made. 

 Eggs with basil, peppers, mushrooms with berries on the side 

My first try at almond milk. not bad.  It had a roasted taste so it was pretty good in my coffee.
I did try my mom's almond&coconut milk and preferred it. I'll get that one next time.
(See my new little basil plant over there? I love my basil!)

Grilled chicken, quinoa w/squash, zucchini, and muushroms, with a
 salad ( mixed greens, cucumber, radishes, beets, green pepper) 

That's the pretty little symbol we need to look for =  REAL FOOD! 

Nothing like fresh coconut

Delish! I want to buy Chia seeds and make my own juice for a less expensive alternative   

made me own dressing for my guinoa salad.  I think it was something like mango, pineapple, lime, olive oil ?

Tuna steak, salad, and guinoa with roasted veggies

Amy's pizza with no cheese. OMG was this delicious. There were onions on here that made it sweet almost. Me and mom threw this baby on a pizza stone and put in on the grill, added mushrooms & basil - out of this world.
A non-gmo pizza treat (Wheat is not considered paleolithic)

I absolutely love taking a million organic fruits blending them up into my own juice.
 (I buy a lot of organic frozen fruits as well so that I don't have to worry about them spoiling if I don't eat them in time (especially mango and pineapple because I cook a lot with these two)  

Work Outs:

Not so good. I have just been doing some exercises around the house. Mark got home late about every night this week so it made it impossible for me to go to the gym. I went on Saturday morning and my mom watched Ava on Wednesday so that I could go over for 30 min. Tonight is the last day of the work month so Mark will be getting home super late as well... never ends! 
I do need to utilize the weights we have here in the house more... I'll start that today ;) 

Well those are all the pictures I took... 
I am feeling great! 

GMO Info for those interested: 
Here is a  YouTube video that I enjoyed and helped me to understand a little better. 

This one is a little under 1 hour but I really encourage you to watch it. Click below:

Genetically Modified Foods in America | Health Documentary

I decided to recap a little bit about what we are trying to eat in our household now and why

So rewind back to last September. If you do read my blog, you may remember me ranting a little bit on this post 
The New {Improved} McGuire Diet/Food Challenge
My mom had starting explaining to me why I needed to know what: GMOs, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Monsanto & Round Up weed killer, and the list goes on....was all about. As I listened and did my own reading, it really started to become very simple to understand. If you do your research, you will easily see that the way food is made now is completely different than the way it was made when our parents were growing up. 

Not only are there more processed foods, but the processed foods and "fresh foods" are now a genetically modified



These big companies, who own the smaller companies as well, have millions which as most of us know = lots of political influence on the government's restrictions to our food supply. For example, Kelloggs owns Kashi. (


I encourage you to learn about what you're eating. There are efforts to put forth legislation that would make food companies label their GMO foods so that we as consumers can make the decision for ourselves whether we want to spend our money on "Franken-food" as I like to call it. Hey, it is fine if you we do buy these foods...but I believe if we're going to eat something that is proving to be very bad for our health - we should know about it. Cigarettes and alcohol do. 

Why should our food be any different? I should have the right to know that the food I am feeding my family has been shown to cause Cancer, Autism, etc.  over years of consumption. I know that about cigarettes, therefore I do not purchase them but people who are willing to risk that do. 
It should be a choice!
 Isn't that why we live in this country? To make our own, informed decisions...

Well you all should be outraged that we aren't being given these choices. Companies are pouring millions into fighting labeling so that we are kept in the dark about their ingredients and how they create them. fun stuff...

Get informed, friends. No one wants to be terminally ill one day. 


  1. I really didn't think there was that much to buying organic until I read this post. I'm definitely going to be looking into it more now! I know you read my blog so you have probably seen that I've been doing this program called revolt. It is a diet/exercise 6 week program. The diet is almost completely paleo (could easily be modified to be 100%) and I'm able to do all the workouts in my living room in about 30 min. I still crave bread/grains/carbs sometimes but I'm getting better! Except for those Reese's peanut butter eggs!

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