Thursday, March 7, 2013

Story Time.

When I found out I was pregnant, I told very few people. One of the very good friends I did trust enough to tell so early on gave me my first baby present. It was her favorite children's book. 

She is now a grandmother herself and I was excited that she was sharing her all-time favorite children's book with me for my first baby gift ever. 

For some reason I had always envisioned myself as a mother of a toddler when I would finally be able to read him or her a book. I guess I thought that a little baby would have no interest in sitting still long enough/understand a thing I was reading/ or enjoy it. 

I was wrong. And I am glad I was. 

Today after our early afternoon stroll, Ava's lunch and nap, I decided to pull out one of her books. 

Mark's mom gave Ava this book about a week ago. It's called 
The Oak Inside the Acorn

Out of all of Ava's books, this is a rather long book. I decided on this one because Debbie (Mark's mom) told me that she ordered it online because she could not find it in the stores and it was her absolute favorite. She also told me that I would cry at the end - and if I didn't...I was not human.   

I was up for the challenge. 

Let's just say I was crying halfway through the book. I don't know if it was the story, the message behind it, or the overall experience of having Ava sit quietly still and look at the colorful pictures as I read to her. 

I hope she reads this post one day and knows how special today was for me as a new mom. I will cherish today forever, Ava. 

Here is to many, many more days of story time...starting today! :) 

I love you more each day, munchkin face. (that's daddy's new name for you this week...)

Tonight we will read, On The Night You Were Born (Thank you again, friend.) 

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  1. this is my FAVORITE book in the entire world! the night you were born still makes me cry!!!


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