Monday, March 11, 2013

Early St. Patrick's Day Festivities & Impromptu Date Night

On Saturday, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale had their St. Patrick's Day celebration. There was the parade at Noon (we missed this due to not wanting to wake Ava from her afternoon slumber), live bands, tons of food & drinks, and families galore. 

It was a very nice day for the 3 of us. We mostly spent time in the park area where the live music and families were at. 

Some of that day... 

Test shot for which camera setting I needed to use... :) 

Enjoying our Irish beer with all of the other parents (strollers and kids galore over here! We felt like we fit right in...)

Ava busy looking at all the people and dogs. 

"Enough kisses, ma!!!"

Corned beef & Cabbage. Hugh's Catering had a booth set up there - So good.

Classic "baby drinking" beer photo (This picture was mostly taken for my mom's Murphy side of the family.
I told you I had Irish in me!  *** Ava did not consume any of this beer nor ever will until she is about 30***)

The skills that motherhood brings.


Impromptu Date Night 

Luckily for us, we live about .75 miles away from my mom. 
She is always up a quality Ava time and it also gives Mark and I time for just the two of us. 

Drinks at the jacuzzi with Pandora on is an ideal night for us  ...that or time together talking on our rocking chairs out back. 

I know. We are officially old people. 

It's ok. We like it that way. :)  

And that about sums up our Saturday! 
Simple & Memorable family time. 

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