Sunday, March 10, 2013

Zac Brown Band Concert Weekend

This is a post is a bit late... about 2 weeks late. 

Just wanted to recap our fun weekend spending time with our friends Matt & Lauren. 

Mark and I hadn't planned on going to the Zac Brown Band concert but Mark went golfing that morning with his boss/good friend - Mark More- and decided since they were golfing close to the where the concert was going to be, he would swing by and see if he could buy some tickets. Luckily for us, my mom had no problem coming over and hanging with her favorite little girl, Ava :-)

We headed over to Matt & Lauren's to have some food and drinks before heading up to West Palm for the concert. 

Lauren and I 

Matt & Mark

Once we got there, we all went over into the VIP bar area out front and got to see our favorite Blue Moon bartender, Rose, working this event.

Matt & Mark 

Enjoying the concert

That night we had made plans to take a boat ride over to Blue Moon for brunch. So the following morning Ava went to hang out with her nana (Mark's mom) and Matt & Lauren picked us up at Mark's parent's home. It worked out perfectly since they live on the water too so we just hopped on the boat from there and headed to BM. 

Mark tying up to the 91' Summer Wind (another one of Matt & Lauren's boats- aka: Mark's longtime love) 

Blue Moon = the BEST brunch spot in South Florida 

saw this picture online - our buddy and owner of BM , Bryce Statham,  preparing works of art :) 

Headed North to the lighthouse for a boat ride after brunch

After that, we just went for a boat ride and enjoyed the day. It was gorgeous weather that day. 

Another  fun weekend with the Talchiks in the books! :)

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