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My First Link Up! {Fitness Friday}

Today {for my very 1st link up ever} I am linking up with 

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Before having Ava I weighed in at my heaviest: 125lbs. Throughout college I think I averaged 115lbs. 

Not a big deal. I've never been one to obsess about the number of weight. The only thing that matters to me is if my clothes fit comfortably. 

At the end of my pregnancy I had gained 30lbs. and was happy about that. That was the number my OBGYN told me to aim for. 
Once Ava was born I lost weight pretty quickly and went down to about 136. 

Well 136 still allows me to wear some of my clothes - but not all. This is a problem. 

Eating differently and exercising has now become sort of a new interest of mine. Ever since I learned what GMO meant I quickly grew more and more upset that we eat those kinds of foods and don't even realize it. 

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Or that the sugar in everything carb leads to cancer. 

Or that pesticides are sprayed on produce by people wearing masks to protect themselves and then we are expected to eat those some crops.

Studies repeatedly show that eating GMOs over many years leads to cancer. See? 

 photo released by the French research team
So just when you think you're eating your cereal, fast food, produce, bread, eggs, milk, cheese, baked goods, EVERY SINGLE THING that is made these days in the US (that isn't Organic or labeled non GMO)...just keep these lovely rats in mind. Hey, I'm not saying I don't eat any of it because I am guilty of it. I go out to eat quite frequently and have grown up to like certain foods that aren't 100% natural... 
It isn't our fault that processed foods started being made around the time my generation was being born. So now everything we have been told was good for us is actually somewhat good for us and has not been studied long enough to see the health outcomes in humans before they were fed to us. These rats, however, show us cancer, cancer, cancer. 

Europe and other developed countries have shut their doors on US companies and their use of these chemicals found in most American foods. They only accept their foods made WITHOUT those harmful chemicals and so the US listens to them. 

But us? No, it's okay, fellow Americans, we can be the cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.   guinea pigs for the rest of the world! yay. 

Well, I am going to stop here because this entire post will turn into {or already has..oops!} why I am trying my very best to only buy us organic/non GMO foods.


Since healthy eating and working out is now a bigger concern to me... I started to get a lot more serious about my eating. I have posted about this sort of thing before but was not practicing what I was preaching all.the.time. 

Now, I really want to practice it every single day to the best of my ability.  

So for the last few weeks specifically...

I have been doing interval cardio about 30min / 4-5 days a week.  From what I am reading, burning fat is done best when you do intervals: short, high-intensity exercise periods alternated lesser amounts of intensity. My mother in law was showing me the other day on how to calculate what my heart rate needs to be when I am doing this  and so on.  {She is a work out guru} 

I can honestly say that I am really enjoying my time in the gym. It is like a 30min mommy get-a-way where I can turn my favorite music up and just sweat for a half hour. 

I have lost 6 lbs so far and am weighing in at 130 now. 

My weakness is my red wine... which is now basically a weekend treat. I was drinking way to much wine before anyways so I am totally on board with understanding that people don't need a cocktail every evening! 

So that's it for now! I'll check back in next Friday and let you know how am I doing with it all. 


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