Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day at Bedner's Farm

We took the girls up to Bedner's Farm about a week ago to play in the pumpkin patch, see the farm animals, and sip some refreshing apple cider. It was a great day spent with the girls, my husband, my mom, and our good friends Ryan and Nicole. 
One of the best parts was watching Elle trying to eat the pumpkin stems (teething) and Ava wondering around and exploring the farm. 

Our friend, Nicole, is a talented photographer and took these photos. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you, Nicole!

This girl loves to eat her feet. 

Picking out her favorite pumpkin 

My little beauty

I seriously kiss her all day long. I love her so much.

This made me laugh. I can just hear Ava now being cranky: "No way, baby Elle!" 

I mean... that face!
Another happy McGuire baby! 

Ava's favorite seat

About to check out the corn maze 

Loves his beard so much

Bounce house time!

Ava's serious face is still beautiful to me 

Elle's "ducky feather" hair is the best

My world

Riding "rainbow horse"

Trying to get away and chew on a pumpkin stem

Thank you, Nicole! I am beyond grateful for these pictures of my family at the farm. My husband loved these pictures as much as he did. I am almost positive I saw a tear when I told him that these will be photos streaming across a slideshow when he dances with his daughters at their weddings. We love our girls so much and appreciate these memories that were captured so much.