Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday! {Link Up}

Today I am linking up with my friend, Kristyn, from college! 
She has a great blog called Carolina Fireflies. Check it out! 
This Week's Topic: 
**3 Things People Would Be Surprised to Know About You**

1.  I have never had a cavity, broken bone, or worn glasses or braces... but I did have 3 surgeries before I was 16. One for a hernia when I was like 4. The second being my TMJ jaw surgery in middle school. And the 3rd being my wisdom teeth being pulled out in the beginning of high school  {is that even considered surgery? I was put under...} 

2. I met my husband when I was in 2nd grade. He's been making me laugh ever since! 

2001 ( I wish we had photos from when we were much younger!) 

3. For the last year or so I have been learning a lot more about the foods we eat and what is in them. I have learned so much and will continue to learn everything I possibly can to properly  nourish myself and my family. For the last month or so have been getting so interested in my findings that I have been eating what I feel is how humans were meant to eat.  About 2 days ago, I found that there is a name for this way of eating. It is the Paleolithic diet .  It is the idea that we eat the way our ancestors ate in the beginning. An organic, omnivore diet. 
A true human diet.  

I will be writing about my eating and learning experiences on my blog -especially on 
"Fitness Friday." 

The First Lady of Paleo :)   ...Halloween costume idea for 2013?? Maybe ! :) Ha 


That's it for my 3!

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