Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sarah & Ray Come Down For A Visit!

Last weekend, our good friends Sarah and her boyfriend, Ray, drove down from Jacksonville to visit us. 

Sarah will be Ava's Godmother once we get around to scheduling her Baptism on a weekend that works for everyone. 

For those of you that don't know Sarah... she is one of my very best friends. I met her at FSU through a mutual friend. Sarah, Ali, and I were inseparable in college.
The 3 of us at Ali & Lee's wedding in July 2012 
One of my favorite pictures EVER. Ali's amazing wedding photographer captured the exact moment Sarah felt Ava kick for the 1st time. Such a great memory! Sarah gave me this picture in a frame when Ava was born. I have it in Ava's room on the table next to our rocking chair. I look at it every time I feed Ava.
Thank you Craig Watson Photography in Chicago!

 I am honored to have her be Ava's future Godmother. 

Fun fact:  Sarah and Ava share the same birthday! November 2nd is a special day :) 

On Saturday, we went on the SummerWind for a 4 hour cruise. Mark had his team on board that day for a work event to congratulate them on their hard work. It was a great day with great people. 

Our good friend, Zach, spent the day with us too :)

Best seat in the "house"

Both of us laughing and holding onto my hat so it wouldn't fly away in the wind!

Right after we took this picture we both looked at each other and said, "Why did we put our hands on our hip?! We're sick of that girl pose!" hahaha O well. 

My handsome husband and Captain :) 

On Sunday, Sarah and Ray attended our church's family service. This is held in the gym where families can sit all together at a big round table with coffee in a relaxed setting. Sarah is also Lutheran so she fit right in! I think Ray just wanted to come to watch Mark play the drums... ha

We got there early and so I got to snap some pictures...

"talking to Sarah"

Thank you, Sarah & Ray, for visiting us. We always had an amazing time with the both of you. 



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