Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family Time

Over the weekend we had Mark's father & step mother in from OR, Mark's step-grandmother in from ND, and my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins drove 45min up from Kendall, FL. 
So the last few days have been spent visiting with them and of course me taking a million pictures to document Ava's reactions to our family. 

Meeting "Grandma Jay" Jaselta Lorenz for the 1st time on Friday. This is Tim's (Mark's Step father) mother)

Ava was given her middle name Loren to include this special side of the family.

*Sidenote: for those who have asked me before... Ava's middle name is pronounced Lo-ren. Not Lauren. I didn't spell it wrong.
  It is Lorenz without the Z.
Think: the classic beauty,
 Sophia Loren. 

Hanging out at home

Hanging out with her Grandpa McGuire 

Trying to chew on her "SuSu" - Grandma Sue McGuire

Mark and I had my mom, his dad & step-mom, and my Aunt, Uncle & cousins over for a BBQ on Sunday. 

My Tia (Aunt) Onelia Vega

Alexa, my youngest counsin, and my tia Onelia fighing over who gets to hold Ava 

My Tio & Godfather - Elvis Vega

Alexa (my youngest cousin and former flower girl :) with her new favorite baby cousin. 

The Vega Kids: Nicolas, Alexa, and Catalina 

My uncle catching up with my mom. This is my father's brother so he and my mom go waaaay back. 

Mark's new favorite thing to do with Ava. 

I don't know how Sue does it, but she gets Ava to "talk" back to her every time. It's hilarious. Ava makes her loud screeching sounds. 


Last night we went to Mark's mom and Step dad's for dinner to visit with Grandma Jaselta again. 

Right after Mark walked in from work.
Laughing at their height difference. 

This is today. My pink petunia.

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