Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Water Baby

Today my mom and I took Ava to the pool since it was another gorgeous day out. 

Days like today make me so grateful that we decided to live super close to my mom. I love sharing all of these memories with her... 

My little water baby. 
Ava loves baths, did great at her first pool party, and did great today at our pool. She loves looking down at the water and never fusses. 
She is a South Florida baby through and through! :) 
This makes me happy.

She wore her polka dot bathing suit given to her by her "aunt" Megan Nolan :) and her sunglasses were a gift from her cousin Zoey.  

All smiles - with pacifier and all. I didn't know how she would react to wearing sunglasses but she didn't even seem to notice they were on her. She left them on the entire time. 

With her nonna {mesmerized by the water}

Well, Ava beans, you are a water baby and thank GOD for that! 

As soon as you can fully support yourself and sit up, you will be going to the beach with mama! Your tailgating high chair (thank you Jared & Jacki Roche) is ready to be put to use! 

How cool is this thing?!   

cup holder and all!  

Until then, the pool will do :) 

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