Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Snapshots of Today {Atlantic Avenue - Delray Beach}

Today my mom and I thought it would be nice to drive up to Delray Beach and walk along Atlantic Avenue with Ava. 
It was absolutely beautiful outside! 
We walked around and found some very cute stores. One was this place behind me and now I can't think of the name of it for the life of me... Sequence? Sparkle?  
It was full of fun, colorful jewelry. 
Next, I found Periwinkle. Adorable store that screamed South Florida style! 

Later on we stopped into Sazio's for lunch. 

I secretly love when she is tuckered out and just wants to me to hold and cuddle her. 

My salad was delish! 

excuse Ava's out of control bangs...

Ava was exhausted after a long day out. A tough life she leads
...Headed back home for a long nap. 

Once we got back home Ava got her second wind and was all smiles before her nap. 

After I put her down for a nap, my mom stayed over and I walked over to the pool for an hour to get some sun before I started the fish tacos for tonight's Taco Tuesday dinner. 

Great day. Happy 5 months, Ava! 
You truly make every day better than the last. 


  1. I need your fish taco recipe! And for you to pick out a new wardrobe for me!

    1. We kept it simple last night and just used Tilapia.. we seasoned it with lime, Everglades seasoning, and a little sea salt and pepper. We load them up with avacado, chopped mixed greens, tomato, fresh cocconut shavings, and a mango&pinapple purée I made. :)) We love fish tacos!!


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