Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Date Night

Tonight we let Ava stay up late and headed over to Bahia Cabana on the beach for a quick family dinner. 
Ava behaved well besides being a wiggle worm and wanting to throw everything on the floor. 
Our waitress was 7 months pregnant and I didn't even notice until her mother (sitting next to our table) told us. That shows how busy I was picking up Ava's toys and entertaining her. Ha 

Mark having his turn holding her while I finished my needed mommy cocktail 
Me and my crazy girl. 

I can't believe this little sweet potato will be a year old on Nov 2nd. 

Hope everyone is having a fun Friday night! 

Mark and I will spend the rest of the night out back with the baby monitor, some cocktails, and a cigar (for him). 
Tomorrow I'm off to a friend's bridal shower- can't wait! 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. 



  1. you guys are adorable!

  2. How cute !!! Have a great time tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for stopping by:) Hope you and your family are having a fun weekend as well.


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