Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ava's 1st Halloween

Today was Ava's 1st Halloween and my first Halloween as a mother. Let's just say a lot has changed! Haha 

Anyways, it was a very fun day filled with laughs from anyone who saw Ava, to taking one too many pictures, and finally..... Ava pulled herself up and stood (holding on) in her pack n play at her great grandma's house today!!!! She's turning 1 on Saturday and now this?! She's growing way too quickly. 
^This was taken later on after that

Very big step for her. I guess the little ones at Mommy&Me class showed her how!

Buckled in and ready to head to Miami 

We go to Miami every Tuesday or Thursday to visit my abuela and abuelo. It worked out perfectly that Halloween fell on our visiting day so that we got to come over all dressed up.  

Ava's great abuela couldn't get enough of the world's cutest giraffe. Besitos (kisses) for Ava 

Our happy little giraffe 

Our 2013 Halloween card. I had fun the day we purchased Ava's costume. She almost fell out of that basket 3 times because she wanted to pick at the grass. Overall, it was a very funny photoshoot. 

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope that you have a safe night of trick or treating!

The McGuire Family 


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