Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Morning ((Warning: Mommy Rant Inside))

Good Afternoon!

Okay, so I'm going to be a whiny mom and rant about this on my blog because... I can :) 
It's my blog and I can do what I want with it! Ha

Actually this morning was peaceful and typical... Ava sneaking off to chew on Mark's suit buttons in the closet and Cooper wanting my undivided attention. 

^ see? He's like a second child. That's why I already feel like I have 2. 

We got ready and headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase a bridal shower gift for this weekend. Ava and I had fun picking out which gift would be from us. 

It was after this when things went downhill. At the check out counter, the cashier told me that he wouldn't accept my expired 20% off coupon texts that store sends me. I was fine with that. Policy is policy and I am all about following the rules. (I'm being serious) 

Then he happily accepts my Buy Buy Baby coupon which I had with me (they are owned by the same company. Wonderful! 
Now it's time for my "complimentary gift wrap" that he told me about.

"It's over there," he points. 

 "Who should I ask to help me? I don't see anyone over there." I ask 

"It's self service," he said 

Okay, so now I'm heading over there and still fine with it all while wondering how this will turn out since I wrap gifts like a 6 year old. But that's fine. I'm off to do this with baby in tow. 

All of a sudden Ava loses. her. mind. 
She wants out and she wants me to carry her. 

I keep calm, give her some toys and her pacifer...

She refuses and starts throwing these things all over the store. (Baby brat moment if you will.) 

At this point I have only figured out how to horizontally rip the wrapping paper off the spindle without ripping the paper vertically.  Score.

Ava is getting worse at this point. Not impressed with my step 1 in my wrapping achievements. 

(There are barely any customers in the store because it is about 10AM. There are plenty of cashiers and what looked like a manager up front.

I am now expecting praying that one of them comes over and graciously offers to help me since my baby is losing her mind and I clearly only have two hands.


Then, I give up. I collect Ava's toys and pacifer off the floor and stick them under the stroller. I go to just cut some ribbon to stick in the bag so that I can just do it later at home. As I'm doing this, Ava is furious with me. I go back to get her a new pacifer from the bottom of the stroller and quickly give it to her. When I look up, I see that I have something white smeared all over my hand. I quickly look at Ava and she has the same white substance smeared on her face. I was able to see it because she threw her pacifer on the floor again without hesitation to make her point. That's when I freaked. 
I couldn't help it (reminder: first time mom here)

 I let out a worried "OH MY GOD!" 
I had no idea what was on my hand and, more importantly, on my baby's face. 

I quickly whiped her mouth area and realized that her sunscreen had exploded underneath the stroller. Luckily it didn't go into her mouth. (I will now be looking for a new, non toxic baby sunscreen incase this ever happens again!) 

Ava is still unhappy at this point. I take her out of the stroller to pick her up, my stroller falls backwards because of the weight of my baby bag on the handles, and I finish up with one hand. 

Side note: It is amazing to me what I end up doing (all day, every day) with one hand! 
I feel like I (and all mothers) should be able to add "I can do what most can but with one hand" onto my resume one day. 

I packed up our things, fixed the stroller situation, and grabbed my car keys. It took every once of me to not freak out let the manager behind the customer service desk know how I felt.

We left, I got a PSL, and we feel better now

Back at home and happy again with Ava bayba... She loves the mirror game.

So why am I blogging about this non sense if I feel better now? Well one, Ava is napping. Two, I guess I just miss when there are moments of real customer service. I can honestly say that if I were a Bed Bath & Beyond staff member (at 10AM and no one to help in the store) I would have gone over to a mother with a crying baby and asked her if I could help in any way.
Am I wrong? Because if I am, I will admit it. (I do it all the time. No shame here)

Well, onto the next, happier half of our day. Ava will wake up from her nap and we will go for a jog around the neighborhood. She is loving her new BOB jogger - probably because she gets more breeze since we are at a quicker pace. I will then starting making her 1st birthday party invitations. I already bought the supplies at Michael's craft store. Wish me luck!

Okay. Well, fellow moms, that's all I've got for now. Guess I need to take more deep breaths when these not so fun mom moments happen and move on.
Hope you all have a great rest of the day!



  1. It makes me mad that Bed Bath & Beyond is doing this now. I mean, really?!?! The gift wrap was like 99% why I would choose there to purchase from a registry (if there was more than one store). And part of why I registered there myself when I got married. It's such a convenience! I hate it for you that you were trying to do it on your own with a screaming baby! I feel the same way most every time I shop with Carter on my you are not alone! :) Glad you got a PSL to calm the nerves.

  2. Sorry you had a rough morning! I get frustrated by lack of customer service too. Lately, it's been Academy Sports. There are always tons of employees standing around, and no one ever asks if you need help (even when you're walking around them in circles with an obvious look of confusion on your face and saying loudly to your children, "I see backpacks, but I have no idea where the lunch boxes are."). :)

  3. What a horrible experience! Glad you two got out of there! ... Customer service isn't what it used to be. There are some stores I just won't go into because of horrific experiences like the one you've described ... sans upset baby of course, :) but nevertheless, cheers to a better day!

  4. Agreed!!! I don't know what's going on with customer service lately but it seems non existant at so many places! I would have freaked out about the sunscreen too. Glad that's all it was!

  5. What in the world is the point of gift wrap if you have to wrap it!? Luckily, Starbucks makes everything better!

  6. oh goodness! its moments like these that you just have to laugh at later because its just so ridiculous how everything goes wrong! glad to know the day went better after! and they def should have helped you!


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