Monday, October 14, 2013

Love Your Greens

Morning!!! Ava and I just came in from a jog. Now it's time for my daily green juice. Thought I'd share and ask how you ladies get your daily greens?? 
^ I like using my simple hand blender to mix up my smoothie ingredients: 
Kale, spinach, lemon, apple, ginger root, banana, chia seeds, and water. Blend.
^Ava plays with random items I give her in the kitchen while I do this.
^ If you work outside the home and want to do this daily, I suggest placing your ingredients in a bag the night before (keep refrigerated) and blend at work. 
If you don't own a hand blender, get one. They are inexpensive and easy to travel with. 
Even though I stay home with my little one, planning ahead helps me for tomorrow as well. 
I mix in my large FSU cup and transfer into a mason jar to drink (that's just my preference for a cute mason jar ;) 

Eat (or drink) your greens for countless health benefits, detoxifying your body, weight loss, and an overall tasty way to add natural goodness to your body. 

During breast cancer awareness month, let's remember that our lifestyle choices play a main role in our overall health while taking responsibility of that as women. Our diet can act as a trigger- turning on and off dangerous cancer cells, etc.  There is a lot to be said when we look at our country's cancer rates in relation to our poor health compared to other counties. We love our processed foods here but are paying for it in many harmful ways. 

^this is not meant to offend anyone- just emphasizing the importance of eating well and not just supporting processed foods with pink advertising this month. There are many useful ways to support those with breast cancer and eating a bucket a fried chicken is not the best way.  (Though tasty, not the best way. Haha) 

Hope everyone has a great Monday. 




  1. I'm always curious when I see people's green smoothies but am always too scared to try it! Would you recommend this for a first timer or is there anything you would leave out/substitute?

    1. I would recommend adding a banana to your green smoothie for natural sweetness.

      First timer smoothie:
      handful of organic raw spinach
      half a banana
      some organic strawberries
      some frozen pineapple chunks (unless you have fresh:)
      add purified water to the rim of your ingredients and blend! Enjoy!

      Get crazy, its fun and you don't taste a cup full of grass, I promise - you taste the fruit :) You can't go wrong. Have fun with it. Let me know how it goes!


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