Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action! {Kyle's Event}

On Tuesday evening, I headed down to Hollywood, FL to meet up with my group of friends, their parents, and the rest of our friend's fans... I'd say there was a group of about 150 of us. Sorry if I'm wrong on the number but we filled up the entire theater! :) 

We were attending an event created to unveil some of our friend's recent film work. 

I had such an amazing time. Whenever I get to the opportunity to meet up with my friends, I jump at the chance. When we are all together again it feels like home. I've known most of my friends since I was about five years old. We grew in catholic school together and we pretty much consider each other siblings (especially me, because I was raised seperate from my siblings). I am super protective of them and they all know it. 

This event was awesome. I could not be more proud of our friend, Kyle. He lives in LA now and is working in the film industry. The new Cinema Paradiso in Hollywood just opened and asked him to fly back and show his latest work. 

His mother and father made sure to extend an invite to his family and friends with a food & drinks portion before of the film portion. We all met up at an Irish bar (which was fitting because they are a fun, Irish family), followed by his work at the cinema, and ended with more good times at the bar next door called Tequila Sunrise.

^at the end of the night: Tequila Sunrise on Hollywood Blvd. 

[*They even had a photographer going around capturing candid moments and posed pictures with Kyle which made me happy... I could just relax and look forward to the professional photos instead of me taking 100 myself. I can't wait to see them!*] 

Knowing that Kyle would be leaving us again in morning to end his 24 hr stay in south Florida, we all caught up with him as much as we could. 

I am so happy that I was able to attend and see his work. I know that Kyle has amazing things in store for him and I feel so lucky to be able to come along for the ride as is proud friend. 

So if you any of you have some awesome film industry connections, you just let me know and I'll introduce you to a extremely talented man! 

I can't wait to celebrate Christmas night  with my family and friends at the annual Shea (Kyle's family) Christmas party. 
One of group's favorite friend traditions... 

^there is a photo of a few of us from 2009 Christmas and the night before I got engaged. 



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