Monday, October 7, 2013

Ava Has A Crush

Little miss Ava has a crush on an older man. Guess she got something from me  after all! ;) Just kidding (not really)
 I can't wait to show Mark these pictures later.

Today, we went out to Weston to play with Carter (2yrs) and Kelsey (11mo) 

The big kids from school showed up at the park but it didn't bother us...
The little girls were coming over to ohhh and aaah at the babies. Too funny! 

Kelsey had a blast and even took some
steps on her own! I tell ya... Having a big brother to show you how to do things really speeds up the process. I was so impressed with little Kels! 
Carter was a cutie as usual and was super gentle with Ava (which is nice because she not used to having a sibling to play and rough her up a bit) 
It was so sweet watching Carter interact with her. I melted.  

Here are some of my mamarazzi photos below of earlier today. 
Happy Monday. 

Melts your heart doesn't it?! 



  1. Too cute!! Is this the park on Griffin & 75?

  2. So cute! Your girl is such a little doll! :)

  3. Absolutely love the pics of the two interacting. So so cute!!!


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