Sunday, October 6, 2013

FSU vs. Maryland: Part 2

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our time in Tallahassee on Saturday:

We got to see our great friend, Ryan, from Jacksonville, FL. I actually met him about 2 weeks before Mark and I moved to Chicago for a short time. It was at a mutual friend's party that we met and started talking about his Cubs hat and how we were both moving up there shortly. I introduced him to Mark, and he was became our new friend. We were all in new, unfamiliar territory so it was nice to have a FL friend close by (who also loved the Noles- extra points!) 
We were frequently found all together at our favorite country bar up there which made us feel more at home. 
Great memories at Houndstooth!
We missed you, Ryan! After leaving Chicago before the cold weather rolled back in (lucky!) he moved to TX and is now a big bad firefighter. Our reunion was much needed. We hadn't seen Ryan since Aug 2009. Finally! We are very good at texts and snapchats though! Haha 

And here are the lovely ladies drinking after the game began-oops...
 Mama had a little too many mimosas. (Paying for it now...) 

Erika having a blast. Hahaha one of my favorite pictures (and friends). And Jacki (red) having anxiety that we were not posed for the photos that paparazzi Mark just kept snapping. Love you, Jacki. ;)

My photo bombing husband. Another favorite. How can you not love that happy boy?! Ha 

Mark and his KΣ brothers 
Jared, Mark, David (Matt showed up a little late) 
The men that make it all happen 

Had such a great weekend with Mark and our friends. As usual, Tallahassee trips never disappoint. 

FSU vs. Maryland

Go Noles! 


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