Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

I want to wish my beautiful mother a very Happy 47th Birthday! 

My mother has been my everything growing up. Her and I have been through a lot together and always on the same side- a team. 
It's probably because she raised me mostly on her own throughout the years and had me at a ripe 20years old.  We have an unbreakable bond that only gets stronger with time. 
It's the kind of relationship where I would prefer to just stay in to hang out with her than getting all dressed up to go out. I remember there where some nights when I wouldn't want to go out in high school or during college breaks (I'm really sounding like a hobbit now) but I didn't want to upset my friends. She would just say to me, "Tell them I said no and blame it on me."

I often hear women saying how they feel like they are turning into her mother as if it is a bad thing. I can honestly say that I feel proud of the fact that I see a lot of her in myself now. And I only hope it continues. 

The bond that I have with my mother is the reason I wanted and always envisioned myself as a mother to a girl. I wanted to share that friendship with a daughter like she does with me. 

I was thrilled to tell my mom the day that I found out we were having a girl. I ran into her work carrying pink flowers for her. Our 3rd generation Scorpio was on the way to complete our feisty, little coven. :)

Mom: Nov 1st 
Ava: Nov 2nd
Me: Nov 5th
Fun week ahead! 

...I'll wrap it up here because I really could write about my mom all day. 

Thank you mom for allowing me to always be me, to praise me throughout the years, to give me confidence to do whatever it is that I believe in, to stick up for me, to work endless hours so that I could attend the best schools around, and finally, for loving me unconditionally. 

I love you and will always take care of you.



  1. Very sweet post! Happy Birthday to your Mom, your sweet little one, and to you as well!!

  2. that is so sweet!!!! happy birthday:)


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