Sunday, November 17, 2013

Date Night

Last night after I came home from attending two baby showers, I watched the rest of the FSU v Syracuse game (59-3 GO NOLES!)  with Mark and ate the dinner that he made for us while I was away. (Thank goodness I have a husband that enjoys cooking!) 

Around 7:30, I put Ava to bed. Sometimes on the weekends my mom will come over to hang out at our house while Mark and I head out after Ava goes to bed so that we can enjoy some time with just the two of us.

Last night, we went over to Las Olas Wine Cafe to taste some different wines while Mark got to enjoy one of his cigars. 
My hub hub enjoying his wine at our little wine spot. 

Live music 

It is nice and cozy here. I really like how they have an small indoor "restaurant" (they serve tasty tapas style dishes) that also house all of the wines while also having a outdoor area between both buildings. We chose to sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze and live music.

Playing around with Mark's cigar. He ended up not smoking all of it because more people started to arrive and he didn't want to bother them with cigar smoke by the way the wind was blowing. Luckily, I never mind cigar smoke... it is the smell of cigarette smoke that makes me sick.

Later on, we started walking around and went over to Gran Forno. They had more live music- more of a upbeat, Spanish theme- and so we got a table out on the side to enjoy some sangria. Loved it here because we were off to the side yet got to enjoy the music as well and watch a one year old little girl dance with her dad. 
Cheers to date nights!

To add to the list of things that I am especially grateful for during "Gratitude Month"...
I am thankful for fun times with just my husband. He still makes me crack up laughing at the drop of a hat just like he has been doing for over 17 years. Never a dull moment with my husband.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend! After Ava wakes up from her nap, we will probably head out and go find something nice to do outside. The weather is a whopping 83 degrees in November! :)




  1. Sounds like the perfect night!! Glad you had a great time :)

  2. Sounds like so much fun! You look so cute with the cigar ;) I'm dying for a date night!!


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