Monday, November 4, 2013

Ava Turns 1!

On Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013 we all celebrated 
Ava's 1st Birthday!

Ava's 1st Birthday fell on a big South Florida Rival weekend... FSU v UM. 

 So rather than try and work around this, we just went with it. Ava did not have your typical 
"princess party" was FSU themed! 
Are you really surprised!? haha

Ava with her Nana Lorenz

Nana Lorenz bought and painted this adorable rocking chair for Ava. 

Tickling the Birthday Girl 

Mark and I wanted to celebrate Ava's birthday how we typically enjoy Game Days when we are home for them...Brunch! 
We had a honey baked ham in the oven, salmon platter, croissants, fruit, cupcakes, cheeses, prosciutto wrapped cheese, veggies, a baby food/snack station, pumpkin spice & apple cinnamon muffins, a shrimp wheel, and mimosas/other cocktails for the adults. 

FSU utensils! 

Mark's friend from work came over with his family. Mark had a little gift for him :) His friend has been so helpful and supportive through Mark's efforts of becoming the new VP. We thank him for all that he has done for Mark and our family.

Our good friends came over over to celebrate. We cut them some slack even though they aren't Seminoles. They are the sweetest. Mike is my mother's late best friend's son. When we found out that he was becoming a father and naming his daughter after his mother, we just about burst into tears. We love this little family so much. Rachel is Mike's beautiful wife and little Fern is their sweet daughter. Don't let this picture fool you either, Fern has is smiling just as much or more than Ava. Happiest baby ever! 

Ava playing with her friends. 

We had friends that even drove/ flew in from:
 Jacksonville, FL
Chicago, IL 
Taveres, FL 

to be with Ava on her special day. We have great friends and we are so thankful for them.

Melissa & Doug puzzles! 

Having fun with Daddy as usual 

She was even sent a real Gucci purse from a very generous and kind mother that we have never met in person. Ava is a lucky girl!

Slobber monster. Cutting more teeth! 
 My friends, Sarah (Ava's Godmother- left) and Ali(my Maid of Honor-right), traveled in to be with Ava. So happy that I had them there with us. 

Ava's birthday was great. We got to see and spend time with great friends, celebrate our baby turning 1, and enjoy our FSU v UM Game Day together. 

Later that evening I dropped Ava off at my in-law's home and we headed to Galuppi's with all of our friends in town. We all got a long table to watch the game together. We had a great time all catching up while watching FSU beat UM. 

I picked up Ava in the morning when I woke up and Mark headed out to play golf with his friends. 

A BIG thank you to those who attended Ava's birthday party and sent Birthday Wishes via: phone call, text, Facebook, Instagram, you name it... I enjoyed reading all of them and cannot believe she is 1 now. 

Happy Birthday, Ava Loren McGuire! 



  1. What a fun first birthday party! She looks so cute playing with her friends!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I love that you did a tailgating party! And I loooove pictures of babies with their 1st birthday cake.. so adorable.


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