Friday, March 7, 2014

My {Random} Friday Thoughts...

This post is very RANDOM. Just things in my phone's camera roll on what's going on in my mind today... 

Today's daily green smoothie: spinach, lemon, ginger, chia seeds, mango, strawberry 

Fun and easy idea I came across for a summer party, picnic, or just snacking in the house. Fill with hummus, chicken salad, etc. 

This weekend's DIY project:

I'm grateful for my GreenPan set that was given to us from my maternal grandmother. It was our wedding gift (and not the set that we registered for...) 
Little did I know, cookware can be toxic to your food. Luckily, my grandmother watched QVC a lot and learned about the benefits of these... haha. She was always "on the more natural side of things" herself as my mom recalls. My grandmother died last Spring from a tragic accident. A woman hit my grandmother with her car as she was crossing the road. I was in Nashville, TN on a girl's trip with my two best friends when it happened. My heart still hurts for her but I do little things that make me think of her like wearing her crazy looking vintage jewelry and, more importantly, cooking with our safer cookware that she bought us :) 

I'm now looking into the dangerous effects of toxic (mainstream) cookware and happy I am already ahead of the game!
(FYI: I've seen them now being sold in Taget! Complete sets and individual pieces!) 

GreenPan even made my favorite blogger's Food Babe's Healthy Holiday Gift Guide a while back! You know how much I love the Food Babe...

What I'd like to cook more with: cast iron for my non toxic cookware collection. Back to the basics, people! 
(Still looking into this... but I heard that using cast iron is beneficial so much so that it actually adds iron to your food during the cooking process. Anyone else know anything about this?) 
Makes you wonder what toxic, "non stick" Teflon cookware adds to your food during the cooking process...

What I have my eye on for Ava.
New at Janie&Jack:

What I'd like to make for Mark. My hubby is rhubarb obsessed :) 

Where I am going on Sunday with my mother:
We went last year and I thought I was dropped into the middle of a crazy hippie fest... kind of like how I felt the first time I shopped at a Whole Foods. haha. 
(But now, Whole Foods is like Toys R Us for me.)

*Siiiiiide note: For my fellow Whole Foods shoppers... Don't you appreciate when you ask one of their employees about a product or if they have a recommendation how they are always have a wealth of knowledge?! Example, I asked a WF employee where the non GMO corn taco shells were and they WALKED me straight to them and then told me how organic/non GMO blue corn shells(and chips) taste the same(and cost the same) as yellow corn but have more naturally occurring antioxidants. So you get a little more bang for your buck. SOLD! Now I buy blue taco shells and chips that are right next to the yellow ones...
  *NOTE: If it isn't organic/non GMO corn, then you're probably just eating blue food dye on GMO corn so be careful*
...Not to bash other beloved grocery stores but the most I ever get in other places is which isle it is on.

Back to my hippie expo....I mean, my NEW LIFE EXPO! ;) 
At the time, I felt kind of out of place but had an open mind.
Now, since I've learned a lot more about holistic health and all things natural, I CANNOT WAIT to go back!!!!!!
 Looking forward to the lectures.  We learned a lot from those last time. 

On Saturday morning, Mark is golfing and then hopefully after that we will head over to the beach. I also have one of my best friends in town that I look forward to seeing this weekend. 

Have a happy weekend! 



  1. I have a green pan from my mom too!!!! Ryan and I both fight to cook with it, our fave!

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed...especially when you know it is not bad for you and your family :)

  3. That outfit for Ava is precious! I may have to check it out for my niece! Have a great weekend!!

    1. I love ALL Janie&Jack! They have the best outfits and accessories ever! I buy Ava what I wish I could wear...haha. She has a pair of bermuda shorts that I bought her because I secretly wanted them ;) Hope you're having a nice Sunday, Megan. Thanks for coming by!

  4. My grandma watches QVC all the time as well. She has bought me a few cookware pieces off of there, but I haven't seen these. I'll have to check them out.
    We love Whole Foods too. But up here (Seattle) it's really expensive to shop there. So we don't go as often as I'd like.
    Have fun at the expo!

    1. Yes, Tiffany, please do! Or if you have plain cast iron skillets - cook with those! It is so sad to have to now worry about toxic things in cookware as well... Let me know what you find ;)

  5. I wish so much that we had a Whole Foods, but do not and not even one close enough to go to. The seminar sounds very informative for sure. I know nothing about Holistic things. Have a good time! So, so sorry about your precious Grandmother.

    1. Thank you, Lea! Today was absolutely amazing! I love learning about holistic health as it always seems to get easier and a "no brainer" once I learn. Back to the basics! ;) Thanks for coming by, Lea!

  6. Is it weird that I wish I could wear that gingham jumper too? It's the cutest.
    Annddd, I'm YOUR 99th follower too. Coincidence, I think not :)

    1. Hi Kari! hahaha I noticed that too! Lucky 99 must our number :)

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  8. I have heard of the green pans but havent researched them. I am goign to have to do that now!! That outfit for Ava is PRECIOUS! And I wish we had a whole foods around where I live in SC. The closest one is about 2 hours away. :/ Hope yall ahd a great weekend though!

    Love Always,

    1. That's unfortunate about the Whole Foods... Do you have some farmer's markets near by you can go to? I also have friends that are in buying clubs to get organic produce, eggs, etc. once a week for the level of their purchase. Here are some I found for SC...

      Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth!

  9. I am going to have to get some cast iron cookware!


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