Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Improvement: Healthy Publix Finds + Salt Lamp Sale Check Out Code

Okay so I will start off by saying that I am not trying to "knock" the beloved Publix supermarkets but finding organic food and more than just apples and oranges when it comes to produce at my local Publix store was a big challenge for a long time until more recently. I normally go to Whole Foods for my bigger shops, but for a last minute shop, I go to the much closer, Publix. 
(Now if Publix could start carrying organic popcorn...  
*since genetically modified corn is used otherwise and I'm not giving Mark a bag of GMO corn*
 I would be able to make Mark's (and Cooper our dog's) dreams come true. The man is in love with pickles and popcorn.) 

There is still very limited organic fresh produce (which is annoying) but there has been an increasing number of other organic foods on the shelves. I have seen a big increase and it is all because of consumer demand. Sometimes I hear people who do not shop organic saying, "the new fad is organic food..." 
Sorry, it is no fad, friends. It is called the power of social media and people spreading the word, learning what is really in their "food", and wanting better for what they are paying their hard earned money for. 
We are learning how pesticides, genetically modified foods, and toxic chemicals in our every day household items are harming our bodies and contributing to our illnesses. How long were we supposed to go since the early 90's when GMO foods really became the norm  in our grocery stores? Not too long apparently... 
Since GMOs and the increase in the amount of pesticides on our food have been added to our 
US food supply, things like allergies, asthma, cancer, infertility, diabetes, autism, alzheimer's, and many others have sky rocketed in this country. Even aspartame in our drinks (which they even tried to add to milk to make it sweeter and more addicting like your diet sodas) was created by the same people who created GMO corn, RoundUp Weed Killer, etc. YUM. They all contribute the same illnesses because it is all poison. Don't shoot the messenger! But are you really surprised ? What did you think would happen when we put these kinds of chemicals in our bodies? I mean when I drank diet coke in college, I knew aspartame wasn't good  for me but I had no clue to the extent of HOW BAD it was. 
These kinds of things are not created in nature and so our bodies don't know what do with that, try to fight it off...that's where our side effects and illnesses come in.

Back to my local Publix finds: 

Bigger Kale bags! 

Bok Choy - not organic.
I'll be washing this in water and vinegar to take off as many of the pesticides that were  sprayed on it. Since it is a thin, leafy green I wish that it were organic as pesticide can penetrate it very easily as opposed to something like a banana with thick skin. 

The kind of pasta we buy...
 Quinoa pasta comes in all shapes. It is great. Even made my favorite blogger, Food Babe's, list: "What Are The Healthiest Pastas Available?" under the Ancient Grain Pastas section.

This is my version of fast food. It is microwaveable in 90 seconds. I am trying to use the microwave less and less but in a crunch... I will probably throw this onto some lettuce, cilantro, non GMO corn tortilla chips -  and make some sort of quick taco salad.

Yay! My local Publix FINALLY started carrying ORGANIC TOMATOES! Even local from 30 min away,  Boynton Beach, FL! (Now I am waiting patiently for organic strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries...) 

Another quick dinner idea = Thai night means:


Over this:
Makes this:
Mine is meatless and over a raw mushroom. This was for my " Meatless Monday " as I am cutting back on animal foods. Mark's version is made with grass fed ground beef that I spiced with cayenne, cumin, and Himalayan salt. 

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. A kitchen staple for years and years. Probably in your grandparents home right now...

I read so many amazing things about organic apple cider vinegar that I thought it was finally time for a new Healthy Habit! Don't you worry... I'll be posting about the benefits and how I use the apple cider vinegar when it is time. 

Is your local Publix (or other grocery store) making room for more organic food? I am happy that mine is! It still has a long way to go but any improvement is appreciated! Thank you, Publix managers, for hearing out my requests and bringing in the better suppliers! 

If you would like to learn more, take 18 min and listen to this mom, the "Erin Brockovich" of food. She explains what happened to her family and what she learned afterwards. It is what jump started my interest in this way of eating. 


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Oh, we have a climber now... Lord help me. 


  1. We use Bragg apple cider vinegar as well! Lots of really great health benefits with that stuff. It doesn't taste that great, but if you add it to smoothies you can't taste it at all.

    1. Oooh great! I can't wait to learn about all of the health benefits. My friend, Jess, uses it as her face toner. (Her skin is glowing might I add!) Happy you use it as well!

  2. Thank you for letting your readers know about our Spring Sale! We will be having another one shortly.

    I use the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar myself. Alkalizes the body and is excellent for digestion! :-)


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