Friday, February 4, 2011

National Signing Day 2011

Mark has been awaiting National Signing Day as if he were 5 years old again and counting down the days until Christmas morning...
I don't blame him, though.  It was just funny watching him read and review (on a nightly basis) the potential players coming in and even hoping for the ones he has had the opportunity to meet in the past.
There was no doubt about this year being a turning point for Florida State Football. This signing day was going to be the outcome of all the the hard work put in by FSU Administration, the coaches, the players, FSU Boosters, and even the smaller-nationwide Seminole groups who all put time, money, and energy into seeing that the program attracts young talent. Last year was Coach Jimbo Fisher's first year as head coach, and it was a great kick off to what is just the beginning. He did great with what he had, and now has all eyes on his program. Florida State, as many people my age sometimes do not realize, was a powerhouse. The years I went to FSU was a turning page and regrouping. Learning what we were, and could be again is exciting to me. Even if you are not a huge football fan, the attraction it brings on a national level makes an impact for the University in all areas. It all works hand in hand. 
Back to signing day on Wednesday...
We were invited by a friend of ours to the Seminole Boosters, Inc. event at Hugh's Catering.

Mark, Patrick, and myself

Here we were to watch a live reaction and commentary by Coach Jimbo Fisher and others about the entering class and watching highlights of the previous season's games.
The venue was great! It was the first time I had ever been, and excited because I learned that they even host wine tastings and cooking classes! :)

the entrance (from their website)

One of the rooms inside (from their website)

They had an open bar and amazing food. The mini crab cakes were addicting and hard to stay away from!
For the live broadcasting, the Boosters logged in and watched above on a projection screen.

It was a great night seeing friends of ours and meeting new ones as well.

Mark and Neil

Talking with Patty :)

The evening was a great way to celebrate the efforts of all those involved with the program. At this event alone, the Seminole Boosters (If I heard correctly, do not quote me) raised about 2 million dollars. The revenue for the University and Athletics Program are in integral part of making Florida State University a dominant institution all around. Mark and I enjoyed meeting people that play such an important role on the National and Local level for FSU. We are very excited to become even more active this year with the Seminole Club of Broward County.

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