Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Newlywed "issues..."

I was always aware of decorating being an issue for newlyweds...
Bachelor decor and "single" girlie girl nicknacks...trying to figure what stays and what goes after the I Do's.

For us, we had a pretty good idea of each other's taste in home furnishings. In Chicago, our apartment was filled with his furniture and furniture he bought on his own...before I arrived. Mark has good taste, similar to mine :) of course, there will always be things that are found that could replace certain items. For example, we have a tv stand that Mark bought for the Chicago apartment. It's basic, modern, and glass. It's nice but I live for furniture that looks like it has a story. Vintage, antiques, shabby-chic are welcome any day of the week in my opinion. Even better, when I find something that is bought in a consignment- antique's like finding a treasure for me! You search around and find something that screams personality and history.
Now, there will always be dirty and crazy looking items in these places, but that's the beauty in finding a gem in all that rubble.
I have recently found: 4 carved wooden frames (that I painted myself to match our place), 2 wooden boxes beautifully painted with palm trees, 2 thick wooden candle holders for the dining table...and recently- a bamboo table! :)
I was determined and somehow fit it in!

Thinking Mark would absolutely love it -as we both like the old Florida-Cuban tropical look, he was not as excited as I was. He just simply asked where it was supposed to go because nothing was being replaced... :-/
Now, I have a beautiful old bamboo table sitting on the side of the dining room with nowhere to go :( I am determined to make this table work somewhere but if not, I'll sell it I suppose :(

Second issue, forgetting to put your wedding rings back on after a shower!
I think that since the moment I came out of the womb, I had jewelry on. Being a Cuban little girl, my ears were immediately pierced with little diamond studs...a little Mother Mary -or one of the other saints- on my wrist, and maybe even a black stone called an azabache made into a charm on a necklace. (cubans are a bit superstitious and this "azabache" wards off people with negative thoughts toward you.

Commonly worn by babies to protect them.... You get the picture- I've always loved and worn jewelry... The thing is, I usually would wear my usual daily jewelry into the shower with me, sleep with them on, ect.
But when I got my Wedding rings, which consist of the main diamond on the engagement ring along with several smaller diamonds on both rings, women would tell me not to shower with them due to soap build up and such.

So now, I try and remember to take the rings off, place them on a little plate on the counter, and put them back on when I am getting ready. Problem is, when I am in a rush out the door, rings have been left on the little plate. This has happened 3 times already (including today.)
This would not bother me of it were any other piece of jewelry... but now that I am married- it feels like I am committing a mortal sin!!!! I hate it!!! I feel so guilty and all I could do is put another ring (that I had in my purse pocket -which Mark gave me in middle school- on my ring finger so I don't feel half as bad. I also LOVE this ring as it has 3 garnet stones(his birth stone).
I remember on the last occasion that this happened, we were supposed to have dinner with Mark's parents that night. Since I was on the east side of town, I wasn't planning on going home prior to the dinner and made my mom go to our place and bring me my rings (I couldn't leave where I was at the time.)
I couldn't imagine being at dinner with him and my in laws being ring-less !? Even though I know they probably wouldn't have thought twice about it and would have understood...I just
couldn't. Today I had even put on my watch and a bracelet that Mark's aunt gave me that spells: Mark!

So as my rings are at home, I have improvised with the Mark bracelet and impromptu ring on my wedding finger :)

Ugh-I think I'm just going to say forget it and shower with my rings from now on. I'll just stick them in the cleaning solution more often. Problem solved and no more of me feeling like a bad new wife. :)

Christina McGuire

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  1. I never take my wedding rings off except for the 2 minutes every so often when I am cleaning them


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