Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe Fisher reporting for duty, Sir!

As you can tell, I don't blog as much as I used to when I started last Fall. But that may change...FSU Football Season is approaching and that means important things are underway! ha

Anyways, I do like to blog when I am excited about something or would like to remember it later on when I look back on these one day. In this blog, I would like to summarize our friendship with Joe Fisher.
Joe Fisher is leaving tomorrow, Tuesday Aug. 16th, 2011, for boot camp! He is joining the US Navy, and  Mark and I are [beyond] proud of him!
Boat ride on the SummerWind down to Miami

Boat ride to Bahia Cabana with Zach, Joe, and Mark

Long story short:
I coined Joe, "my 2nd husband"...even before Mark and I got married I had called him this. Weird? Maybe... but you'll understand in a second.
 The truth is, Joe and I went to high school together, but it wasn't until he was pledging Kappa Sigma that we got to know each other. The first night we actually spoke was at a Kappa Sigma house party. Joe was a pledge and wasn't feeling too well. Mark came over and told me that a fellow St. Thomas Aquinas "Raider" wasn't feeling so hot. (Sorry, Joe but you know this is true!)  I believe Mark was VP at the time, so he was busy and his hands were full. And I guess he thought I would be a little more nurturing to a sick former classmate? So into the bathroom I went to introduce myself! HAHA I doubt Joe even remembers this, but from that night on Joe always looked out for me as well.

From Mark's busy schedule with his years as Kappa Sigma VP and President to graduating and leaving Tallahassee before me; there were plenty of instances where I would often be at a bar with my girlfriends and Joe would see to it that I got home safely. There were also times I needed help lifting heavy things and moving furniture to South Florida in his pick-up truck... Hence, his "2nd husband" nickname and inside joke between Joe, Mark, and I.


After college, we were all back in South Florida together after Mark and I moved back from Chicago. From helping us move into our condo (thank God you helped us, Joe!) ,being a groomsman in our wedding, playing tennis with me on his days off, fishing with Mark, and watching mindless morning TV shows after late nights that he stayed over (yes, Joe has his own room here and expects me to make him breakfast when he stays....I would have no problem saying that he is now equally my friend as he is to Mark.

 He will always be Mark's fraternity brother and they will always have a special bond, but so will Joe and I. :) One of my favorite things about Joe is that  he is always warm and kind to my friends as well.

Joe and Sarah

Ali and Joe

I think that is why he gets along so well with us. We see eye to eye, and are grateful for his loyalty to us. He is one of those great friends that does what he says he is going to do. Recently, he helped Mark and I set up at the Broward Noles Beach Bash. Joe has known that he was leaving for the Navy for some time now, so even though he wasn't looking to join the Seminole Club of Broward County...he still helped us because he knew how much we had worked on it. Without asking him for help, he was there in the morning setting up banners, Mark's massive speaker, and later bringing me beer refills at the table that I was manning :) Joe is a true friend that stands by you through thick and thin, and does things without expecting anything in return.  We are proud to say that he will be representing our country in the Navy.

 I know that Mark and I can always count on Joe, just as he understands that we are always there for him.
We are going to miss him, but wish him nothing but an amazing experience in the US Navy. We are so proud of you, Joe! And honored to call you one of our best friends :) Thanks for always being a true friend to the BOTH of us. We will see you tonight for dinner, Joe!

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. "
-Thomas Aquinas

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