Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are EGGspecting !!!!! Easter 2012

We wanted to share these pictures of how we announced that we were expecting to our families. It was Easter, and we had all just gone to church together. We (Mark's mom, step-dad, and step-grandma, my mom, Mark's little brothers, plus Mark and I) were all having Easter lunch together. 

When Mark and I first found out that I was pregnant (Feb 29th 2012 - Happy Leap Year!), we knew that we wanted to wait until our parents were together so that we could tell them at the same time. Then we started to try and think of creative ways to tell them...So Easter it would be!

Since Mark has two younger brothers, Tommy (11) and Luke (9), we decided that we wanted to have them involved in the exciting news. Mark and I decided that we would give them an Easter egg hunt before we all sat down to eat. As we told them the instructions of the egg hunt, we told them that there were 32 eggs, a small piece of paper in each egg that had a number and a letter on it, and that they were to put the pieces of paper in numerical order in order to get the secret message. The boys were so excited...I knew they would be because they love to solve things. So out they went!

After they came back in, they started to place the papers in order. 

Mark helping out because he was getting antsy. 

The boys (confused) trying to read the message...

My mother in law shouting out the message, "MARK AND CHRISTINA ARE EGGSPECTING!!"

My mom happy as can be

And Mark's parents expression! (my favorite is Mark's mom's expression) hahaha 

Basically, this was the BEST Easter we've ever had. The rest of the day was awesome. We, of course, talked about due dates, gender of the baby, how excited we all were, and how this holiday season will be very special. Tim's mom, Grandma Jaselta, was very happy that she had flown in to be there this Easter and was there for the announcement. Shortly after, we began calling Mark's family in North Dakota and his father, step-mom, and step-brothers in Oregon. I also started calling my family in Miami to tell them that I was going to my grandma's in a few hours and that I needed them all to be there. We later drove down to Miami and delivered the good news. 

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