Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspiration for Nursery Decor

Hi! This blog post is for me and my ideas for our little girl's nursery more than anything (like an inspiration board)... 

I have always wanted my future daughter to have a bright, colorful & South Floridian/ vintage-Cuban style room. That's pretty much what Mark and I like now as far as how we decorate our home. We like cherry woods, tropical patterns, Cuban cigars, pineapples, parrots, warm tans/greens/coral/blue colors, salt water game fish, terracotta pots, tropical flower arrangements, and candles- lots of candles...
So when it came time to think about a nursery for our little South Floridian princess, naturally, she should have a room to reflect the style. 
I thought...who better than the South Florida design queen herself, LILLY PULITZER! 
Lilly Pulitzer originates from West Palm Beach, FL and embodies the bright beautiful colors of this area. She also throws in designs with palms, parrots, nautical touches (for Mark - of course!), and the overall feel of tropical living. 

Here are some pictures that I will be using for inspiration when it comes to patterns, colors, furniture, and fabrics when  my mother and I are decorating her nursery...

how cute is this little basket!?

I actually already have this print framed...

And as far as a little boy's nursery (one day)...I already have my ideas for that one too ;) 

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