Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Graduation, Shopping, and More Baby Gifts!

Happy Wednesday! 

haha, I totally do this when I spell Wednesday. Thank you to whatever teacher taught me this.

Today was an exciting day for my 11 year old brother in law because it was his 5th grade graduation from Bayview Elementary. After this, it is off to big kid school at St. Coleman's for middle school! I can't believe Tommy is already going to middle school...I  was at Holy Cross Hospital holding him the day he was born. I am so proud of him! He received several awards including one for getting a perfect score on the math section of the FCAT. That's super impressive to me because math has never been my thing. 

Congrats, Tommy!  

Later on, I went to target for just some simple t-shirts, leggings, and long cotton skirts... I knew they would have what I needed for my exercising clothes (...and who are we kidding they are usually my every day clothes.)  Hopefully I will find some cuter clothes later on that do not scream "maternity." I am not a fan of normal maternity clothing...

...what I am a fan of is this stretchy goodness on the side of this t-shirt for the belly.
*Fun part about being pregnant: no more sucking in your stomach when your feeling a little full that day, ladies!* 

Next, my mom decided to take me to this fabric store in Dania Beach that she loves.  Basically, she wants me to start looking at fabric for the nursery's curtains.
...and since I am all things baby crazy these days - off we went! 

These are some pictures that I took from their website:

I must say, they had every single fabric you can imagine there. I was very impressed with their sales ladies and cannot wait to go back. Next time, I need to have a more specific idea of the kind of pattern I want because it was a tad overwhelming. 

My mom loved this room below: it was fill of the tassels and pretty pieces that they sow onto the ends of valences, pillows, whatever... 
Again, overwhelming when you don't know what you're looking for exactly but still fun. 

AND THEN WHEN I GOT HOME... ANOTHER PRESENT ARRIVED FOR THE LITTLE ONE! I knew it was from Ali again because the box was addressed to 
"Christina McGuire ( PoopHead )" again... I wouldn't be surprised if my UPS man just starts calling me poophead. Thanks, Ali.  ( By the way, she calls me "poophead" because I've always told Mark that girl's don't go number 2 in the bathroom - so there, now you now where the nickname comes from)

Back to the baby's gift - Ali sent me a beautiful little 4 piece set. A bib with a necklace embroidered on it, a onesie with a very cute pattern on it, ballerina socks, little leggings with  ruffles on the backside (too cute) - and I added the black bow headband that was sent the other day with it. THANK YOU, ALI :)  Your little niece will love it. 

P.S. Ali is getting MARRIED IN JULY! Her mom and I are throwing her a bridal shower in about 2 weeks (I'll be blogging about it so don't you worry) and I cannot wait to see her. Ali was my very first friend that I made in college on the very first day and has never left my side since. I love her so much, and can't believe how much we have gone through together. So I thank her very much for these thoughtful gifts, and couldn't be happier for her in this new chapter of her life that she is beginning. 

bartending in college together -2008

May 2009 - Graduation day! Only 4 years of friendship at this point and she knew me more than anyone I know besides my mother and Mark
( well actually, she probably knows the most...)
She was my maid of honor :) ..helping me with my garter on my wedding day. I am so excited to be her Matron of Honor alongside her big sister, Stephanie! 

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