Monday, June 4, 2012

Gifts for the Baby

I just wanted to share some gifts that I have received this week for the baby...First, I would just like to say that I am so lucky to have amazing friends. Mark's guy friends (who I consider equally my friends now - because they are so awesome...) were SO excited to hear that we were expecting a child. I was kind of shocked to see guys SO excited about a baby. They were coming up with names, carrying bags for me, watching where I stepped, getting me things I did not even ask for haha, ect. So thank you to Jared Roche, Matt Davenport, Michael Boden, Joe Fisher, Zach Muilman, and for those not mentioned - I pregnancy brain has kicked into full gear. 

Baby's 1st teddy bear from Matt Devenport :) This was sent for her Memorial Day gift. I am sure she will be holding on tight to it on the way to FSU games. Thanks, Matt!

My mother in law gave me these today...A llama llama book (a kid favorite), a toy, and some
organic burp clothes (yum!- haha) and a lamb rattle. Thank you, Debbie! XO

Then later today the UPS man drooped this off and it was addressed to a "Christina McGuire (poophead)" on the outside of the box...Hope the UPS man liked that one. 
...and inside was the baby's 1st bow!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, ALI!!! That was very thoughtful and she now has a sophisticated black bow :)  ---I will be posting a blogpost about Ali's upcoming wedding in July!!! She was my maid of honor and now I will be her matron of honor alongside her sister, Stephanie! 

This is just a little quote that I saw on Facebook today that made me smile. This is what I would always tell people when I first got married (and even still now) when they would ask me what I thought of marriage. I thought this was just something I said until today when I saw this. Glad to know someone shares my thoughts. :) 

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