Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spending time with the boys... & more baby gifts!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Here are some pictures from Saturday, June 16th.  We spent some time with Tommy and Luke (Mark's little brothers). Tommy helped me cook gnocchi and raviolis, Luke fished with Mark, Tommy and I wrapped Father's Day gifts, and Tommy and his friend, Quinn, made ice cream sundaes. 

Sometimes the best days ever are staying in with the boys and getting to watch Mark interact with them :) Mark's going to be a great dad. Happy Early Father's Day, Mark! 

Mark and Luke fishing on the dock.

Enjoying his cigar while waiting for a big one to bite...

Mark catching the big ones. 

bringing in the big ones! ha

Tommy and Danny (a friend who lives on the street)


Today, the mailman had a surprise for Baby McGuire! She got 2 onesies and a bib from Kendall Davenport!  You know she will get plenty of use out of these ;) This baby already owns more FSU outfits than I do. I am jealous of her variety! 

I am loving the "I drool Garnet & Gold" rather than the usual, "I bleed Garnet & Gold." 

Thank you so much, Aunt Kendall!

Kendall, myself, and Erika

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