Friday, June 29, 2012


Happy Friday! Today is especially a great day for me! I felt Ava moving around this morning for the first time!!!!!! 

I should add that yesterday I had a regular check up with my OBGYN and right after we listened to Ava's heartbeat she told me that she felt movement with her hand. I told her that I have been feeling the "flutters" or "bubbles" that mothers describe a baby's first movements to feel like but that I had not felt a real kick or movement that feels like a baby is in there. So yesterday went on and I was kind of sad because although she is a doctor and is expected to know those kinds of movements - I WANTED TO FEEL IT! 

So here I am this morning in bed (Mark has already left to work) and I am laying on my back as I am waking up. All of a sudden I feel a very, very light little tumble movement on the lower end of belly! I didn't move... I stayed motionless so that I could feel it again. I was even reminding myself to breathe because I was so in shock and I did not want to miss her move again. She moved about 2 more times and I was smiling ear to ear [still am.] 

I think that maybe I had been feeling her, and had no idea what it was. My doctor told me what she would feel like and where I would feel it, and now I suppose I am paying closer attention and was able to know that I  did feel her this morning. 

Actually, I should have expected this today... Ava likes to give me exciting news to tell Mark on the last work day of the month. I found out that I was pregnant on the last work day of February (Happy Leap Year!), I found out that we were having a girl on Thursday, May 31st, and today Friday, June 29th I feel her squirming around :) 
For Mark, the last work day of the month is always the busiest day of the month at work. He works super late and I usually try not to bother him on this day being that he is crazy busy. Ava, apparently, already knows that she is the most important and likes to give her daddy good news to have him smile the rest of the day at work for these busy days. 

I just found this YouTube video showing baby movement! SO CRAZY TO SEE! 
I am nowhere near this point in my pregnancy, but crazy to think that this can happen later on.

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