Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mark's office in West Palm Beach

This post is kind of old and kind of new... 

I started this post a while back when Mark was first sent from Miami to Boynton Beach to open up a new office for his company, Cbeyond. There are now 15 different markets across the nation and they are based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The West Palm Beach branch is considered part of the much larger office in Miami. 

The Miami office
Mark was really excited about being given the opportunity, and it has been a great experience for him thus far. 

Mark and his boss picked out the office location, and from there Mark has done the ordering, organizing, assembling [etc.] for this office from the beginning. Coming home late sometimes dressed in shorts and a t-shirt from assembling and moving desks in with the movers, Mark has put so much into this branch. This is no surprise to me though. Mark is very hands on and doesn't just expect the paid movers that the company hires to do all the work- he gets in and does it with them. I am very proud of all of the work he and his team in West Palm Beach have done so far. Side note: his team is awesome and I love going up to say Hi sometimes or sending baked goods to work with Mark for them. 

Mark opening up the West Palm Beach office. 

The opening of the West Palm Beach office for Cbeyond! (about 10 months ago)

The "new" part of this post is when we headed over last Saturday. Mark wanted to show me the office now that it has been freshly painted and the new carpeting has been installed.
 (This is exciting to him because he picked out the colors all by himself...)
So before lunch in Delray, we stopped by his office so I could see the changes with a few things missing that he still has planned for it.  

(Below are some pictures)

Mark's office

Mark's office

Mark's office

The reception area

one of the meeting rooms

A work in progress in the meeting rooms (Mark is working on the TV wiring so that it is hidden. 
He also wants it to read, "West Palm Beach" above the TV )

Mark is proud of himself for choosing the paint and carpet colors for his branch.  Such a  designer... :)

One side of the cubicles where his awesome team works

a small meeting room 

Well done, Mark. Proud of you! 

Mark is currently in Atlanta, Georgia (the Cbeyond corporate offices) and has been there since Sunday. He comes home tonight, and I can't wait to see him! 

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