Friday, June 8, 2012

Congrats to the New Kappa Sigma Wives & Future Wives!

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the newly married and engaged! Mark's fraternity brothers are getting married left and right - yay ! So a while back, Jacki Roche and I wrote a fun little post called:
We did this because it seems like we all go through similar (silly) experiences when we marry into this group of southern gentlemen... 

This post is long overdue, but I would just like to say that each of these couples are special and fun people that we are thankful to have in our lives. I am happy to call them friends and to be able to share in their happiness as they start a very special time in their lives. 

Jeff & Michelle
The New Mr. & Mrs. Entine! Top Gun meets Blonde Bombshell! ;) You are a lovely bride, Michelle! 

John & Rebecca
The new Mr. & Mrs. John Trosset! *A picture perfect couple*
Becca, you looked beautiful!

Link to Becca's blog: Mr. & Mrs. Trosset

Matt & Carlie
The new Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Cullen! *A southern gentleman and his Italian "Bella Sposa" (Beautiful Bride).
Carlie made a stunning bride!

Ben & Nicole
Ben Rowan & Nicole Thorp- Engaged !  Set the Date for 3.16.13! 

Mike & Emily
Mike Hall & Emily Coyne are Engaged!  Set the Date for 2.9.13!

Josh & Heather
Josh Bean & Heather Boden are Engaged! Set the Date for 5.18.13!

Welcome to the Kappa Sigma Wives Club, ladies! 

Fellow Kappa Sigma Wives and good friends of mine, Mrs. MaryAnn Bush & Mrs. Jacki Roche

Here is a link to MaryAnn's blog: Ryan, MaryAnn and Jackson

Here is a link to Jacki's blog: Wine Down

Hope all of the couples are enjoying their life as newlyweds or their special time of planning the rest of their lives together.  Take it all in!

Lots of love and best wishes, 

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