Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our New Himalayan Salt Lamp

Hello there. 

I just thought I'd share my favorite Christmas gift this year. My mom read my mind (as usual) and bought me a Himalayan Salt Lamp. We had read about these for a long time now and I finally am a proud owner of one. 


As you may already know, salt is very necessary for good health. The right kind of salt that is... not your average table salt that probably has more in it than what is intended. We have been told time and time again that it is important to have a "low sodium" diet...blah blah blah. Yes, stay away from bad salt - that is correct. 

Good salts, on the contrary, are important and necessary for our body. 

That is where Himalayan Salt comes in! We switched out our former, unhealthy salt for Himalayan salt a while back. It is nice to know that you are getting just salt and not other chemicals and bleaching agents in your food and environment. Any little change can make a big difference in your health after all! 

For those of you who would like to switch salts, it tastes the same if not better. I've read that chefs around the world use this kind of salt because it is the best tasting in their gourmet dishes. (Let me add that "Celtic Sea Salt" is amazing for you as well!)
 (I am kicking myself right now because I just lost the article I was reading about how just salt labels containing "sea salt" isn't a promise that it isn't highly processed salt. So look at the color/ingredients and read up to make sure your salt is just that, salt!)

But I am talking about Himalayan right now because that is the one I use and the one that comes in forms of the lamps as well.)

They sell them everywhere now and looks like this: This is the one we use

As for the Himalayan salt lamp it has benefits (for allergies, stress, headaches, "ADD", etc) as well when heated. So, you basically use your average night light lightbulb and screw it into your lamp and wa-laa! You now have ions going into the atmosphere to neutralize the EMFs that affect our health. 

Here is a very short video helping to explain the EMFs a little better. 

Just click below

How Salt Lamps Can Protect You From EMFs

or just copy and paste this link below into your browser:

I have read countless articles about how the salt helps with so many different issues. It makes sense though. We (and everything else in this world) are all balls of energy - all just a bunch of matter in different "shapes". Why wouldn't something that we are already composed with have an effect when it is in contact with more of it in our atmosphere. I mean, that's just plain science.

It isn't some belief or religious practice, haha, it JUST IS that way it is. Don't you love science? 

Anyways here are some other articles below that I have posted if you are interested in learning more about Himalayan salt rocks/lamps and their benefits. I have also posted some sites as to where you can find them near by. My mom actually bought mine at Home Goods! Don't you love that store?! I do. 

Here is ours lit up in our home now :)  Picture from my Instagram: 

P.S. Let me know how you like yours if you already own one or decide to buy one! :) 

Websites for additional information: 

1. A Video on here as well : Dr. Mercola : Salt Lamp Benefits

2. Natural News: Why Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is so much better for your health than processed table salt

3. 100 Days of Real Food: Not All Salt Is Created Equal

Websites to purchase a lamp: 

1. You can find them at Whole Foods in their "Whole Body" section that start at $20. Mine was at Home Goods for $40 because it is a larger one. 

2. Amazon: Himalayan Salt Lamps

3. Himalayan Salt Shop




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  2. That is such a great lamp. That Himalayan Rock Salt is especially nice to eat as well and on top of that it just looks really great as a lamp. Keep sharing with us we love to read about it more. My wife said she will be looking for a similar lamp for our office. Thank you again for this.

    Zack @ MyNetWire

  3. You've got without doubt discussed very valuable benefits about salt lamps, I actually have a massive collection of them at my home :) . Absolutely my sister is used to have skin allergic disorders like zits and rashes due to altering climate. Then my uncle told my dad about Himalayan salt lamps as a remedy for respiratory and skin disorders. Now she had stored two salt lamps in her room to preclude from these epidermis allergic disorders.


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