Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bahamas with the McGuire Family

On Tueaday morning, Mark and I headed to the Bahamas with his dad, step mom and two half brothers. It was a quick trip but a very fun one to celebrate Sue's 50th birthday. 

(The night before, Sue and I were texting and my lovely iPhone autocorrect changed "birthday girl" to "baby girl" so the entire trip was filled with shouting baby girl at Sue- hilarious. People's expressions were too funny when they would hear her sons calling her baby girl. 

 Sue, I'm sorry that I started that little nickname, baby girl! Haha not really. 

Ryan and a local salesman on the beach 

Baby girl and the kiddos 

Mark always negotiating some deal... Even on a day off 
Mark would not stop eating conch salad that was made fresh from this little shack in Port Lucaya. I think he ate like 3 bowls.

 This is the photo of the little shack I found online: delicious 

Remember these places, bridesmaids?!? My week long bachelorette party was also here and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the stage and this bar where we danced...a lot. I tried to find our signatures in here but I don't remember where we put them. Not surprising. I also saw the police station that helped us out when we got lost getting back to the resort (I think). 

And this was last night at Coconuts in Ft. Lauderdale. Baby girl and Ava :) hahaha. It never gets old. 

The McGuires head back to Oregon on Saturday :(
I already can't wait until our 4th wedding anniversary on Labor Day weekend 2014.  The plan is to head to The Gorge 

to watch Dave Matthews up there while Ava stays with them at the Crescent bar house in WA - 30 min away. 


Happy Birthday, baby girl. We always love McGuire family time. 


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