Monday, December 30, 2013

Snapshots of Today {12.30.13}

Ava and I drove over to play with Kelsey and Carter today. Kristine, their mom, had a great idea to take their wagon out and let the girls sit in there while Carter rode his new razor scooter. 

Ava loved it! She loves being outside and feeling the breeze in her face. Her and our pup, Cooper, have that in common. Haha. Ava is usually all smiles or letting out excited squeals when that breeze hits her face. Makes me laugh. 

Carter racing around. 

 Ava enjoying Kelsey's baby doll.

Carter hugging (or doing the choke hold) Ava for the picture without me instructing him to do so. He is such a ham. I love him. Poor Ava... Haha. 

As usual, Carter spent more time trying to wrestle Ava and thank goodness Ava is pretty strong and can hold her own during their "matches".
Being outside on the walk was a lot of fun. We walked about 1-1.5mi around their quiet neighborhood and enjoyed the nice weather. 
...and as usual, Ava slept on the car ride home so guess who hasn't had a break yet... 

On an exciting note, Mark purchased tailgate passes with our friends for all you can drink and eat with other FSU Alumni. 

Pasadena, here we come! Mama is going  get wild at the National Championship game! So close, yet so far away... Eee!

So that was our morning. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday! 


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