Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ava Meets Santa!

Ava met Santa today! 
She squealed in excitement as we walked over to Santa and loved every moment of getting to meet him. 
To be honest, I know we have a very happy baby but I was still a bit nervous about her first time meeting him. 
Every child you see meeting Santa is crying and terrified. My plan was to taker her, let her see him, and if she started to cry - we were out of there! I wasn't going to torture my daughter for the sake of a photo. 
But luckily, she had a blast. The picture we chose is her mid- squeal. She was flapping her arms around like a baby chicken in excitement. 
Santa had gestured for Mark and I to sit on his lap as well. We both were a little thrown off by it but it worked out haha. I suppose Santa knows what he's doing.  

My mom was able to go with us which was nice because I knew she wouldn't want to miss Ava's 1st Santa sighting for the world. She stood back like paparazzi and took some non permitted photos with my iPhone. 

They don't want people taking their own photos and not paying for the professional ones. I get it. 
But I think my husband paid them off when he bought the deluxe picture package equipped with keychains, all sizes, and a high resolution photo CD. I don't blame him... First time parents get excited about this sort of thing! 

Overall, we had a great Sunday. Actually, we have had a great month! Mark is doing well at work and is so proud of his branch. We had a Happy Thanksgiving, a win against the Gators, Auburn beat Alabama, and then today's Christmas adventures. 

After the Santa meet and greet, the four of us went out and bought a Christmas tree with two wreaths. (We decided to go with a small tree this year to worry less about Ava trying to eat the tree and pull on the lights and ornaments.) 
As soon as we got home my mom ate dinner at our place with us and played with Ava for a while. 

"Goof nugget" as Mark calls her.

Now, Ava is now fast asleep and I will be pouring myself a glass of wine and using the rest of the night to decorate the house for Christmas. 
(Our HUGE FSU themed wreath is our favorite - obviously. Custom made and even adorned with mini FSU players and all!!!) 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! (Sorry that I haven't been blogging much...I'll try and get back on the wagon.) 

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Pictures are adorable!!! We hope to take Kennedy within the next couple of weeks. I hope she does as well as Ava! :)

    1. I cannot get over how much fun it was. I want to do it all over again...I just may to haha - Hope you're having a nice holiday season so far!


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