Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ava Visits Daddy at Work!

I thought since Mark's dad was in town visiting from Oregon that it would be a nice time to take him over to see what his son does all day. 

So off to the office we all went... 

Alfa! The lady at the front who runs the show! We love you, Alfa! 

The man does it all. Works and keeps our daughter happy.  I hit the jackpot. 

Ava takes over Cbeyond. 

HAHAHA I love this picture! Mark on a serious call and Ava is thrilled to be with daddy. 

Getting cigar shipments to the office now!?  I caught you, Mark...

With the new (and youngest) VP. Very proud of him and all that he has accomplished in only 28 years. Love you, hub hub 

We went during in the afternoon while everyone was out to lunch and in the field selling so the office was pretty bare. I am happy that tomorrow night is the holiday party so we will get to see everyone then! 

Billy! My high school buddy and now Mark's right hand man! He is now the Market Director for Cbeyond Miami&West Palm Beach. Enjoyed getting to catch up with him. See you tomorrow, Billy. 

Saying goodbye to Alfa. Ava was obsessed with Alfa's necklace. Sunglasses and necklaces... You have one of those and Ava is your new best friend. 

That's it... 
Thank you, Mark for letting us come and bother you for 20 min. We are so proud of you. 



  1. Looks like he also may be hiding your Christmas present in there somewhere!?! I noticed the wrapping paper! :)


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