Sunday, December 8, 2013

Celebrating Baby Koval

Well, I keep typing and erasing my words because I don't know where to begin this post. There is so much I want to say about my friend, Ashley - the mama to be. 
There is also so much that I want to say about our friendship with her that I feel like I can't accurately express it all....

In a nutshell: 

Ashley is my childhood best friend. Since 6th grade, she is someone that knows me so well.
 She knows my husband equally as well since it was always the 3 of us together when we were younger.  Because of that, I consider her more like a sister. 

You know how there are people that you just "click" with? That just get you from the very beginning... That is my Ashley. It doesn't matter how long we have gone without speaking, which circle of friends we were in during high school, that we attended different colleges, or that we now live in different states. She is the one I call when I want to talk about something and know that she will completely understand how I feel. She knows me that well and knows how I feel/react to situations. 

Through it all, we still have a strong bond and know that the other one is there at all times. 

I'll wrap it up here because this is about Baby Koval! 

Ashley and her husband, Joey, are expecting their first child, Roman, on March 20th, 2014. 

Ashley's mother, Patty,  hosted the baby shower yesterday at their beautiful home in Ft. Lauderdale. Ashley flew in from Texas to be with all of the close women in her life. 

Here are some pictures I took:

Thankful for her loyal friendship 

I made baby Roman a bow tie onesie because I know he will be a gentleman 

Ashley and her bridesmaids

Ashley's mother wrote a beautiful poem that brought us all to tears. 

Ashley's beautiful Sister in law and niece. 


Practicing :) haha. 
 I had a great time celebrating with you, Ashley.
Your mom did an amazing job and I know she is so happy for you to experience the love of a mother. I will never forget that poem that she wrote and read to you. It was incredible. It brought me (and everyone else at the shower!)  to tears as I listened and thought of Ava growing up as she described her beautiful memories as your mother for the last 27 years. 

 Motherhood with rock your world and turn it upside down but it will also give you a kind of love that you did not even realize existed. I am thrilled for you and Joey to begin this chapter of your life as proud parents. You are going to be an amazing (and very funny) mother. 

You already know how much a loved and miss being pregnant... I wish you a very healthy and memorable rest of your pregnancy. It is a very special time in your life that you will look back on and appreciate the fact that you got to experience growing a life inside of you. 
Enjoy it to the fullest because it goes by so quickly. 

Love you, friend. 


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