Friday, January 25, 2013

Snapshots of This Week 1/22/13-1/26/13


Wednesday 1/23/13
Ava & I made the trip to Miami to spend the day with my abuela and abuelo.

My abuelo was a little afraid to hold Ava the first couple of times we went down there. He said he wanted to wait until she was a little bigger and not so "wobbly."

Well on Wednesday I had enough and just handed her to him before he could say no. Let's just say that he couldn't get enough of her after that. He talked to her, made her smile the entire time, and if she could have laughed- she would have been cracking up {that's how happy she was with him...}

My abuelo has a soft spot for the granddaughters in the family. I, being the 1st grandchild, was SPOILED rotten by him. Forget the battery operated, life size barbie Jeep that little girls drive around the yard...I was given a little Mercedes Benz. 
He was also the one who bought me my first car. 
So something tells me that Ava is going to be very very loved and {spoiled} as well.  

Later on that day, my grandma's medicine was kicking in and she wanted to take a short nap. Ava and I are always down for a good nap ;) So all 3 of us got into my bed.

{I had my own room there until it became my abuela's when she started having all sorts of back/nerve complications}

Thursday morning... She leads a tough life ;) 

Thursday afternoon "dress up" time. Ava is my life size baby doll. I used to love to dress up my baby dolls when I was younger. I wasn't into the whole Barbie thing. I always wanted dolls so I could pretend they were my babies and push them around in my mini stroller. So now, Ava, you are my doll :) only better! 

...and here are the 2nd pair of shoes that Ava's "Aunt" Michelle Jones bought for her. A pair of TOMS. haha The first pair of shoes she bought her were a pair of Vans 'watermelon' shoes. So cute.  Michelle is making sure that "Ava has style" and "doesn't wear all pink..."  I'm pretty sure that's what she said :) Ohhh Meesh. Thank you, Ava thanks her "cool aunt Mo"           

the Vans...

 Speaking of my Michelle...It was her birthday on Tuesday and we all went to eat at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for her birthday dinner :) Later on, some of the girls and I took Michelle for a glass of wine at Tap42.  

from left: me, Sarah, Gabrielle, Michelle the birthday girl

                ...And here we are last night. I was watching TV and Ava beans fell asleep on me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Looking forward to cooking some crazy fish that Mark bought when he gets home and having a low key night. Tomorrow we are going to St. Anthony Church's evening mass for Ava's first trip to a Catholic church. So far, she has only been to Mark's Lutheran church. 

Happy Friday!

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